Product Review: Macadamia Nut Butter from Living Tree Community Foods


One of the most frustrating things for many people who want to help change the food system is trying to find a trusted company to buy from, and I’ve often shared in that frustration.

After all, big food companies are buying up smaller organic companies fast (see this chart for more), and more and more big money players are entering the field.

But there are plenty of smaller organic companies out there that offer top of the line artisan food products, and Living Tree Community Foods is one of them.

Recently I had a chance to sample both their macadamia nut butter and almond butter, two products that are featured on their website here.

Macadmia Nut Butter Review

First off, I tried the macadmia nut butter, something I had been waiting to try for quite a while. The free sample I was provided was quite a bit different from traditional nut butters I’ve tried, with a very smooth and subtle flavor.

I dipped celery into the macadmia nut butter and ate straight from the jar. It had a light but still complex flavor to it that is something wholly different from other nut butters in my estimation.

This one was pure macadamia to the core, with very little else in the way of flavor or other ingredients to get in the way.

I especially liked that I got to taste the true macadamia nut flavor in this product the way I don’t get to when buying commercial nut butters.

You can check out their macadamia nut butter by clicking here.


Organic Almond Butter

The almond butter also caught me off guard by what a true almond taste I got from it, much different than the almond butters I’ve bought from the organic and natural section in my local Kroger.

This nut butter has a more rustic and natural feel to it, if you’re into that kind of thing.

If you’re used to eating almond butter with lots of sweeteners mixed in you might be surprised by this one, but if you’re a true almond lover you’ll likely be a fan of this.

You can check out their almond butter by clicking on this link.

Living Tree Community Foods also has a varied selection of natural and “alive” food products like sea vegetables, seeds including black seed oil, honey and bee pollen, dried fruits and vegetables and much more; they’re a quality smaller organic artisan foods company that is well worth your support so feel free to check them out.


This is definitely one of those companies on the “good guys” side so it’s definitely one you can feel good in supporting.

Note: The almond butter is actually pasteurized; so it’s not quite as “alive” as it could be, but still better than most other similar foods on the market. Here is a message from former employee Joey Lee:

U.S. Law requires that almonds are pasteurized, so our almonds are exposed to steam around 200-215 Fahrenheit for 8 seconds. You can read more details about the process here:






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