Product Review: One of the Best Nutrient-Dense Organ Meat Supplements on the Market, From Ancestral Nutrition

Primal Energy Ancestral Nutrition


Over the decade-plus of my holistic health journey I have mostly focused on plant-based supplements, and enjoyed trying them out and healing and becoming healthier every step of the way.

There is at least one completely different class of animal-based products I have added to my routine that has also helped tremendously, however: organ meats.

There’s a reason why your Mom and Dad probably told you to eat your liver growing up: it is rich in many nutrients, in higher concentrations than you’ll find in most other foods.

Grass-fed beef liver for example is packed full of fat soluble vitamins like A, D, E and K, the latter of which is a co-factor to Vitamin D absorption.

Grass-fed liver also contains trace minerals like copper, zinc and chromium, as well as choline, which regulates mood, muscle control, and memory.

Recently, I had the chance to try some liver and other organ meat supplements from a company that does things the right way: Ancestral Nutrition. 

These products are incredibly well-made and worth checking out if you’re looking to fill these and other nutritional gaps with organ meats.


Primal Energy Grass-Fed Liver Review

This supplement contains grass-fed beef liver from an organic source: pasture-raised Tasmanian cattle.

It also contains B-group vitamins including B12, something I’ve found hard to get in my diet.

I really like these capsules because they help me to feel more complete, active and aware.

I noticed a huge difference when I stopped taking them, that much is for sure. 

I love how these capsules are 100% grass-fed unlike many products on the market that are only partially grass-fed.

They are freeze-dried to preserve nutrients, hormone, antibiotic and GMO Free.

Overall this product is a great investment. It allows me to eat more of a plant-based diet while still getting in the highly concentrated nutrients I often miss when I stop eating much meat or animal products, allowing for flexibility and convenience.

Click Here to Learn More or Try Primal Energy Grass-Fed Beef Liver Capsules


Primal Energy Multi Review

Primal Energy Multi

The second supplement worth checking out from this company is Primal Multi.

It contains an even three-way split of grass-fed liver, heart and kidney, offering a wider variety of nutrients than other similar products.

Kidney is rich in Vitamin B12, Collagen, Selenium, CoQ10, Elastin, bioavailable iron and much more.

Beef heart is also rich in B vitamins, and as you may have guessed these have a cardioprotective effect on the heart itself. 

Overall I love this supplement because it is of incredible quality and cheaper than most other grass-fed organ meat supplements I have found. 

For less than $40.00 for a 120-capsule supply, you truly cannot go wrong with this product or any of Ancestral Nutrition’s products for that matter.

Try the Primal Multi by clicking on this link.

Lastly, Ancestral Nutrition offers a Primal Energy formula for women.

It contains 15% kidney and heart as well as 70% liver, in contrast with the men’s formula that contains 100% liver.

Try it by clicking on this link.


Special thanks to Ancestral Nutrition for sending me these products to sample and try out for the purposes of this review. Be sure to check out their website here if you haven’t already, as well as their Facebook page here. Ancestral Nutrition is an Australia-based company that ships fast from its United States based warehouse



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