Product Review: Premium Mushroom Tinctures for ‘Biohackers’ and Health Conscious People From Life Cykel

Life Cyckel US mushroom tinctures.

Life Cykel mushroom tinctures, designed for specific health benefits.


The world of medicinal mushrooms is one that is just now making its way to the mainstream consciousness of health consciousness people across the United States, and it could be the biggest and most important health movement in recent history.

The benefits of medicinal mushrooms are exciting, and what makes things more exciting is that each particular mushrooms has its own unique list of incredible health benefits.

The utilitarian nature of mushrooms as a natural remedy for specific health condition has staggering implications for health, and one of the companies leading the charge is Life Cykel Labs, which sells mushroom tinctures online and out of nearly 100 physical locations from Alaska to the East Coast of the United States.

“We believe mushrooms have the power to shape a new future,” the company writes on its website. “One in which we live in full harmony with our beautiful planet. Mushrooms hold the keys.”

I recently had the opportunity to try a sampling of the company’s exciting mushroom tincture products, which are highly concentrated and designed for biohackers, or people interested in improving their biology through trial and experimentation. These are my impressions.

Life Cykel Mushroom Tinctures  

The three varieties I tried included Cordyceps, Turkey Tail and Lion’s Mane. 

Cordyceps is a mushroom I’ve been familiar with for quite some time, although I haven’t taken it as often as I would like. The most well known benefit of Cordyceps is improving lung function and increasing oxygen uptake during exercise. 

I began taking the Cordyceps tincture from Life Cykel first thing in the morning and noticed the benefits immediately. I have since started a workout routine that has lasted quite a while and I firmly believe the Cordyceps I take first thing in the morning has improved my endurance for the long run.

A great study on Cordyceps benefits is titled ‘Cordyceps militaris improves tolerance to high intensity exercise after acute and chronic supplementation’ and can be read here.

Try Life Cykel Cordyceps here

The Life Cykel tinctures are potent and highly concentrated but also flavorless which makes them easy to mix into your morning glass of water. I like to practice Japanese water therapy in the morning and I’ve found that adding these tinctures, especially Cordyceps, makes a big difference in my morning energy levels, especially leading up to the day’s first workout.

The second tincture I began taking is Lion’s Mane from Life Cykel. We’ve written extensively about Lion’s Mane in this article because of its incredible health benefits. Lion’s Mane is considered to be rare, although I personally have found its cousin Bear’s Tooth fungus before in the wild.

Because of the rarity of Lion’s Mane it’s recommend to purchase in tinctures and capsules and these Lion’s Mane tinctures from Life Cykel are one of the most health-giving and improving of all. The tincture is packed with Lion’s Mane in a highly concentrated form bestowing health-giving benefits including improved cognitive function, anti-cancer capabilities and improved memory over the course of your day.


These Lion’s Mane tinctures can be added to water and they also improve REM Sleep, a benefit I have noticed since taking Lion’s Mane daily.

Try Lion’s Mane from Life Cykel here

The last tincture from Life Cykel I tried was Turkey Tail mushroom. This is one I decided to get because it’s something I haven’t tried often. I’ve seen Turkey Tail growing wild and sometimes made tea from it but I wasn’t sure about the health benefits until I began taking it consistently.

Upon doing some research I realized Turkey Tail has immense benefits for skin health, something I needed recently because of stress I had been undergoing that had manifested itself in skin related symptoms.

It is also great as a prebiotic, giving turkey tail great gut restorative properties. Turkey tail is incredible for immunity and soothes the digestive system making it an exceptional all-around health tonic.

Try Turkey Tail from Life Cykel here

Final Thoughts on Life Cykel Tinctures

Life Cykel is a great place to start if you’re looking for real-deal mushroom tinctures with practical, immediately helpful real-world health benefits and applications.

I felt the benefits immediately upon taking these tinctures in water first thing in the morning after just a few days of using them.

Life Cykel is a company that takes its mushrooms seriously and that’s something you will notice right off the bat, simply by looking at their website or trying one or more of their products.

Altogether I am a big fan of these products. The prices are quite reasonable and the quality is exceptional. They offer a wide variety of mushrooms and free shipping on orders $100.00 or above. You can shop by mushroom, by product style, or by health benefits which allows for a simplified and immersive shopping experience. This company is a favorite of athletes and busy professionals including former UFC fighters like Rashad Evans and Jon Jones as well as people who love staying in shape and supporting their best health outcomes in sports such as running, weightlifting, and similar endeavors.

Learn More or Try Life Cykel Products Here

Special thanks to Life Cykel for sharing samples of these products with me! Find Life Cykel Labs on Instagram here and on Facebook here

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