Product Review: Savory and Delicious Non-GMO Snacks From Dirt Kitchen

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Potato chips first gained widespread popularity in the 1920s, and have ascended to the top spot of best-selling snacks in the United States ever since.

America loves potato chips, that much is for sure.

In recent years, companies have begun experimenting with different vegetables to take the potato chip’s place, ranging from different colored root vegetables like sweet potatoes and taro root to carrots and parsnips.

Recently, the company Dirt Kitchen snacks came out with a new type of non-GMO chips, and they are both delicious and a healthier choice than most chips on the market.


The ingredients for Dirt Kitchen’s Air Dried Veggie Crisps include: dried carrots, BBQ seasoning, and extra virgin olive oil. Sweet potato powder is one of the ingredients in the seasoning, along with paprika, sea salt, roasted garlic powder, cinnamon and cayenne pepper.

Altogether, it’s a simple recipe that equates to great taste and a lighter, more simple veggie chip than the ones I am used to eating.

The smoky flavor from the paprika is a welcome addition to the mix, and I really enjoyed the shape of these chips as well, which is smaller and crispier than other veggie chips and includes a bit of a popcorn-like texture.

The Carrots and Smoky Barbeque flavor is one of several made from the Dirt Kitchen company, as shown on their website here.

Other flavors include: 

-Zucchini chips

-Grape Tomato chips

-Blushed Bell Pepper chips

-Zucchini + Roasted Chickpeas + Pistachio chips

And more.


The company as sells veggie, fruit, nuts and seeds based nutrition bars, as well as bars with fruits and seeds like apricot and pumpkin seeds.

Full information can be found on the Dirt Kitchen website here.

Overall, I really liked these snacks.

They have more flavor than other “exotic” veggie chips I’ve tried from big box stores and they are addictive to eat. I would like to see bigger packs and organic options but I still consider these chips a good choice for a healthy snack.

If you have a chance, feel free to check them out and order a few packs to see what all the hype is about.

Special thanks to Dirt Kitchen for providing me with a sample of their snacks to try out and review. Learn more or purchase Dirt Kitchen snacks here




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