Product Review(s): A Collection of Incredible Organic Snacks From SunRidge Farms

Tropical mango from SunRidge Farms.


Organic snack foods are hard to find on the shelves of most stores, and even when they are found, the selections are often found to be more than a little bit lacking. When organic snack foods are found, they are often packed full of sugar and similar high-glycemic index sweeteners.

The company SunRidge Farms, based in California since 1982, has moved to fill this void by providing a wide range of incredibly delicious and nourishing organic snacks, many of them with little to no sugar including paleo-friendly options.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try some of SunRidge Farm’s incredible snacks. These are my thoughts on some of my favorite selections from the company.

Organic Supreme Nut Mix- 

Organic snack mixes from SunRidge Farms.

Packed with organic raisins, organic peanuts, organic cranberries, organic dry roasted cashews, organic apples and organic dry roasted almonds, the Organic Supreme Nut Mix (shown above on the right) tastes amazing. It contains 11 grams of organic cane sugar per serving but I didn’t notice much of a blood sugar spike while eating these because of how energized I felt.

If you’re looking for taste first, try this mix. If you’re looking for something more Paleo Friendly, read on,.

Try the Organic Supreme Nut Mix Here

SunRidge Farms Organic ‘Hit the Trail’ Mix- 

Simply put this is one of the most delicious sugar-free trail mixes I’ve ever had.

Organic and packed with Organic Raisins, Organic Dry Roasted Peanuts, Organic Tamari Roasted Sunflower Seeds, Organic Tamari Roasted Almonds, Organic Tamari Shoyu Sauce, Organic Pumpkin Seeds and Organic Cashews, SunRight Farms Organic Hit the Trail Mix was a hit for me.

Some people might not like the soy based ingredients in this trail mix. I personally did not realize there was soy in this mix until after I ate it. The good news is that the soy based ingredients in this mix are fermented and organic which are the two attributes I look for when I do eat soy, as most United States based soy is genetically modified and may be extracted with toxic hexane solvents.

The taste of Tamari is delicious and complements the rich blend of organic nuts and seeds in this blend.

Learn more or try it here


SunRidge Farms Organic Tropical Mango-

This snack pack comes with just one ingredient: organic mango. I can only compare this snack from SunRidge to one other company: Trader Joe’s, which also produces dried fruits that I thoroughly enjoy eating.

Of the two companies I like SunRidge’s dried mango the best. It’s tangy, sweet, delicious and crave-able. A 10/10 snack for me.

Try a Bag or Two of Tropical Mango Here

SunRidge Farms Paleo Power Mix- 

If you’re not a fan of Tamari and similar ingredients you may want to try this trail mix from SunRidge Farms.

It contains coconut which is a huge energy booster, pumpkin seeds, raisins, dried apples and more. It also contains dried cherries making it one of the most delicious and unique trail mixes I’ve ever had. This one does not come in organic but it’s incredibly energizing, Paleo friendly and delicious.

Try Paleo Power Mix Here

SunRidge Farms Organic Dark Chocolate Almonds 

An absolute home run. SunRidge Farms Organic Dark Chocolate Almonds taste incredible. These are the best snacks in their category that I have ever tried.

Learn More or Try Them Here

Final Thoughts on SunRidge Farms Products

SunRidge Farms snacks are absolutely phenomenal. I couldn’t imagine more delicious or nourishing snacks. The one thing to watch out for is the sugar if you’re sensitive to sugar as a few of them are higher in sugar and almost equally suited for the dessert category.

The various sugar-free, organic and paleo-friendly snacks from SunRidge Farms are truly incredible.

Check Out the Full Selection Here and Use Code FLAVOR20 for a discount at checkout

Special thanks to SunRight Farms for providing me with samples of their amazing snacks to try out for myself and review! You can find them on Facebook here. Their Instagram page can be found here




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