Report: Monsanto Wants to Pay Female Bloggers to Attend Upcoming “Educational Event”


The genetically modified crop and agrochemical giant Monsanto has drawn of the ire of countless thousands of health bloggers and alternative media sources in recent years as more information and studies have come out about the never-ending health and environmental risks of their special breed of  “crop science.”

Monsanto’s  image has taken a massive hit over the years thanks to these outlets and protests such as the worldwide March Against Monsanto, and now it appears as if they’re engaging in their own brand of PR in an effort to change the narrative.

The company reportedly is offering $150 to any female bloggers who choose to attend their upcoming Sunday Brunch and Panel event in San Jose, California on July 27.

Monsanto describes the event as an “intimate and interactive panel over brunch with two female farmers and a team from Monsanto,” where they will be “presenting a panel discussing where your food comes from, the impact growing food has on the environment, and how farmers are using fewer resources to feed a growing population,” according to this post from the Cornucopia Institute’s website.

Of course, it’s well worth noting that GMOs have been shown to require a much higher amount of pesticides since their adoption, a fact even mainstream sources like Forbes have been writing about.


No social media posts or blog posts will be expected as part of the program, as Monsanto notes on the Google document provided by the Cornucopia Institute, but it is worth noting that the bloggers will have the opportunity to ask questions at the event.

And it’s also well worth noting the kinds of tactics Monsanto is resorting to in order to present its own version of the truth.

But considering the massive groundswell of articles, memes and posts against the St. Louis-based company, it’s hard to see this event as being capable of making much of a difference, don’t you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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