Seriously!? This Magazine is Now Offering “Diet Tips” from Monsanto to its 1.6 Million Readers



Monsanto’s aggressive ad campaign has taken a new twist, and now readers of one of the country’s biggest health magazines are in the crosshairs.

The agrochemical and GMO seed giant recently chose Shape magazine and its 1.6 million readers as the distribution channel for its “Be Part of the Conversation” ad campaign, and many of them are not happy to say the least, taking to Shape’s Facebook page to voice their displeasure.

Even though the United Nations recently said that small-scale organic farming is the only way to feed the world, Monsanto is still hell-bent on pushing its own version of reality (that GMOs are needed to feed a “growing population”).

Will Shape continue to puts its credibility at risk by publishing these ads or will a reader backlash force them to pull the ads like Oprah’s magazine recently did?

Diet Tips Brought to You By Monsanto

Recently, the Facebook page GMO Free New Jersey posted a link to pictures of Shape’s two-page Monsanto spread, which focused on Monsanto conflating its own operations with completely unrelated “sustainability” practices like conserving water.

Three tips from Shape staffers on their own personal conservation efforts were also included, lending a personal touch to the top health magazine’s shocking partnership with the chemical and GMO giant (see picture below).

shape 4



Perhaps the most egregiously patronizing aspect of the partnership is the inclusion of Monsanto in the “Diet Tips” section of Shape’s website (see this link).

The article doesn’t mention eating GMOs specifically, but it does once again associate Monsanto with “health,” which couldn’t be further from the truth (see this link for just a sampling of the dangers of GMOs and Monsanto chemicals).

Commenters Take to Shape’s Social Media for Change

Speaking out against the inclusion of the Monsanto ads in their favorite health magazine, many readers have begun posting on Shape’s Facebook wall.

Does Shape have something to hide? Many of the commenters believe so as they report that their posts are being rapidly deleted with no warning.

In response, a petition is reportedly in the works, with hopes of getting Shape to drop the ads as Oprah’s magazine quietly did. While the campaign has faced challenges thus far, it should be noted that similar efforts against pro-GMO media outlets and even school textbooks have been successful.

One thing’s for sure: at the end of the day, the reader will have the ultimate say about whether the misleading ads will be allowed to continue or not.


For more information or to voice your opinion on Monsanto “Diet Tips,” you can head over to Shape’s Facebook page by clicking here. You can also like us on Facebook for more. 

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