Target Department Stores to Make 2015 the “Year of Organic” with Dozens of New Products, Brands



The Target department store company has never necessarily been known for its health foods, but things have been changing lately.

The big box department store chain has begun offering more healthy and organic choices ranging from coconut water to cold pressed juices and more natural food products through its Archer Farms line.

Now, the company is ramping things up with ambitious plan that‘s been a long time in the making.  Target will likely never be on equal footing with chains like Whole Foods or other grocery stores that have begun competing with them, but the news is certainly welcome as more and more people make the switch to organic food and living. 

So, what exactly is Target offering? Customers will have the answers very soon according to a new report.

Dozens of New Brands, Hundreds of New Organic Products

According to this article from the website, 2015 will be the Year of Organic for Target Department stores, with plenty of new offerings expected in plenty of different sectors.

In total, about 30 new brands of products will be added by the chain, amounting to around 200 new products through the store‘ s new Made to matter initiative, which focuses on the sustainability of its products as well. 

A specific focus on children‘s products will also be included with items like natural soaps and children’s sized veggie pouches included. 

The prices for the new items are expected to be in the $1.25 to $49.99 range according to the article.

“I think this program has enormous potential and will continue to play an important role in differentiating Target from other retailers,” a company rep told the AP.



“Organic Billionaires”

The article also noted that sales are expected to top 1 billion for the new project by 2015. If taken separately as a stand-alone brand, the organic and sustainable line would count as one of Target‘s 10 biggest, a company rep was quoted as saying.

As part of the deal, the natural and organic companies must agree to become Target-exclusive for a minimum of six months in order to be featured within the store.

Retailers have seen a 30 percent lift in sales according to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune while participating in the program, a perk that should have dozens of new retailers lining up to partcipate in the chain‘s ambitious new “Year of the Organic.”

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