The Health Benefits of Fucus (Bladderwack) for Weight Loss, Thyroid Function and More


There are many natural solutions out there for weight management that are just now being re-discovered by thousands of people, ranging from herbs to exotic fruits and everything in between.

They may oftentimes seem new, but most of the best remedies actually have a long history of use overseas.

While many people still cling to the old calories-in, calories-burned method of weight maintenance that often leaves them starving and malnourished, others focus on getting healthy first by eating mineral-rich whole foods, allowing their bodies to naturally balance themselves by strengthening their metabolism and overall functions.

When it comes to supporting the body’s metabolic functions with mineral-rich and healthy foods, it’s hard to beat the all-around effectiveness of sea algae like fucus (also called bladderwack) which has been used for thyroid support and weight control in Europe for centuries.

A drawing of fucus aka bladderwack, a mineral-rich ocean plant.

A drawing of fucus aka bladderwack, a mineral-rich ocean plant.

Why Fucus is a Better Option

Fucus, also known as bladderwack, is found both throughout the Atlantic Ocean and in Europe north of the Mediterranean Sea, where it is harvested from submerged rocks.

While these bodies of water obviously aren’t 100% pure, they’re still a huge improvement over the Pacific Ocean, especially Japan’s waters due to the Fukushima catastrophe, and other more polluted areas where many mineral-rich sea algae and kelp have traditionally been harvested.

With the lack of iodine in our over-processed salt supply and the usual American desire to avoid sea vegetables (due to the taste that’s a little bit, well, unfamiliar), adding a natural, easily digestible source of iodine like fucus can have dramatically positive body effects, while providing excellent support for an under-active thyroid gland.

Thyroid support from minerals like the iodine and bromine found in fucus can lead to weight loss or at least weight management, as one doctor discovered way back 1862. It has been said that Dr. Duchesne-Duparc was able to lose over several pounds in a week simply by adding fucus extract to small pills, stimulating his thyroid to aid in weight loss.


Other Benefits of Fucus

Because of the highly absorbable iodine content in fucus, pregnant women should not take it. Its anticoagulant properties mean that people with bleeding conditions or awaiting surgery should also be advised not take it.

You should ask your (integrative) physician for more information before taking products containing fucus.

Fucus is also used for other health benefits including:

-Increasing Lymphatic Circulation

-Stimulating Healthy Tissue Growth

Supporting the Immune System

-Reducing Food Cravings Due to High Mineral Content

Fucus, seen here, has been used for its weight management and loss properties for years.

Fucus, seen here, has been used for its weight management  properties for centuries.

Where to Buy Fucus 

Because fucus is not exactly famous for its taste (and hard to get down for many people), it’s best to take it in an organic supplement form.

Fucus has been especially powerful in helping my own personal metabolism, especially since a CEDSA (acupuncture meridian-based test) showed a serious iodine deficiency.

Once I started to use this particular fucus supplement, I noticed an improvement in my metabolism and my iodine levels improved, helping me to burn a little bit of stubborn belly fat.

The organic fucus supplement I take is called Aqua Algae, which also includes a blend of freshwater algae (the superfoods spirulina and chlorella) and has been used increasing energy and mental clarity as well as weight management.


You can try the fucus (bladderwack) supplement by clicking on this link.

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