The Oil That Supports Brain Health and Improves Cognitive Function in Alzheimer’s Patients

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The low-fat diet craze began in the 1960s, when it was touted both for high-risk patients and the overall health of the population.

By 1980, the ideology became promoted as if it were the gospel by physicians, the federal government, the food industry, and the popular health media.

What many people don’t realize is that healthy fats like coconut oil and coconut oil products can be incredibly healthy.

Coconut oil has been demonized because of its high saturated fat content, but it provides a wide range many benefits not found in other foods or supplements.

Many traditional cultures attribute their heart and brain health, as well as the fitness, strength and longevity, to the use of coconut in their cooking, eating and drink recipes.

Coconut Oil is a Peerless Food for Brain Health


Coconut oil is one of the best foods for brain health for many reasons.

Perhaps its most unique feature is that it contains medium-chain fatty acids.

These acids are metabolized quickly by the liver and used by the brain as an alternate fuel source to its typical fuel, glucose.

Coconut oil’s brain healing properties have been the subject of clinical trials to see whether they may help Alzheimer’s and dementia patients in this way. The oil, along with its cousin MCT oil, have shown incredible promise.

Man Regains Cognitive Function With Coconut Oil

In April 2013 Dr. Mary T. Newport released the book ‘Alzheimer’s Disease: What If There Was a Cure? The Story of Ketones.’

In it, she details her husband’s recovery from mental health issues through the use of coconut oil.

Her husband Steve could barely make a simple drawing before he began supplementing with the brain-boosting supplement.

The picture below shows Steve’s drawing ability and progression from before taking coconut oil to after on the far right.

steve drawing ability

Mary also shared the story of a woman who was able to gain her mental faculties back after taking a coconut oil based treatment.

-She was able to raise her toes in the front of her foot again

-She had normal feelings restored to her right leg

-She gained the ability to pivot her right foot forward and inward

-The muscle strength and size in her legs increased after taking coconut oil


Mary’s seminal work on coconut and Alzheimer’s is shown above. Click here or on the picture to read it.


Another man named Butch Matchlin of Mexico City gained his physical strength and coordination back after taking coconut oil, as shown in the video below.

MCT Oil: A Concentrated Source of Coconut Oil


Patients have also reported improvements after taking MCT oil, a concentrated source of coconut oil that is rich in ketones, the type of fuel that is absorbed quickly by the liver and immediately used as fuel in the brain.

Ketones and MCT oil are ideal for diabetics and people with blood sugar issues, naturopathic and functional medicine doctors say. 

A 2019 study in the journal Nutrients found that MCT oil shows promise in offering help for Alzheimer’s patients by providing an alternate fuel source.

Prime Health Denver, a functional and integrative medical practice, states that MCT and coconut have beneficial properties for a wide range of patients.

Coconut oil is full of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) or medium-chain fatty acids,” they wrote.

MCT oil has been shown to improve cognition in Alzheimer’s patients. MCT oil can also help improve insulin resistance, which is excellent news for dementia patients and diabetics.

The functional medicine practice also said that there is “no unhealthy trans-fat or cholesterol in coconut oil or MCT oil, and added that MCTs can help a person lose fat and lose weight.


mct oil for weight and fat loss


It is recommended to take about one scoop, or ten grams per serving, of MCT oil each day.

MCT oil is typically added to coffee, smoothies, and similar drinks and is sometimes added to recipes as a source of healthy fats and ketones.

According to Dr. Bruce Fife, author of ‘The Coconut Oil Miracle,’ it is recommended to take between 1-3 tablespoons per day of coconut oil (or MCT oil) for general maintenance and brain health boosting benefits.

Both MCT oil and coconut oil are great for this purpose.

MCT oil provides a more concentrated source of ketones (for energy that is readily utilized by the brain).

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