The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest Returns — An Exclusive Interview with Ty and Charlene Bollinger



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Despite headlines that the standard practice of treating cancer with chemotherapy, radiation and other similar substances may actually make cancerous tumors more malignant, the beat goes on for the modern cancer industry, even at a time where people are contracting the disease at sky-high rates (1 in 3 men and 1 in 2 women will get cancer in their lifetimes).

But while millions of people are busy walking in circles to support the traditional cancer industry, a new paradigm is rising up from the grassroots, led by alternative and holistic health researchers who believe there is a better way.

Among the leaders of this movement are Ty and Charlene Bollinger, a husband-and-wife team from Tennessee and creators of The Truth About Cancer series, which has already been seen by over 20 million people worldwide and shows no signs of slowing.

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Flanked by the support of natural health websites with millions of social media followers and standing firm in their faith in God and the new generation of holistic cancer doctors, Ty and Charlene are currently in the middle of re-launching the series, which includes interviews with over 100 health professionals, cancer conquerors and more people whose eyes have been opened up to the possibilities of healing cancer in non-invasive and holistic ways (from the ground up without expensive chemotherapy or other harsh treatments).

Amid the bustling preparation for the third series’ relaunch (A Global Quest), Ty and Charlene sat down for a video interview with recently.

Among the important topics covered (see the full 24-minute video below for more info) in the interview are the following:

:39: How Ty and Charlene first started their journey, and what was the major driving factor behind it

2:12: The “straw that broke the camel’s back” and gave Ty and Charlene the motivation they needed to reach millions with The Truth About Cancer

4:20: The story of the arm wrestler who healed his cancer naturally with a surprising natural remedy

8:40: How The Truth About Cancer series has begun impacting doctors, oncologists, hospitals and other cancer institutions

12:02: “It’s enough to make you angry…” Ty shares what’s happening to naturopathic doctors in retaliation for using some of the methods found in TTAC

14:30: Charlene’s advice for people with friends who think you’re crazy for discussing alternative cancer treatments

17:10: What viewers can expect in Episode 1 of A Global Quest

19:53: Ty and Charlene’s advice for reaching people who may not be so receptive to their message


Watch my full video interview below, and be sure to check out the 9-part series here (everything is free of charge):



This video and interview are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. Before changing up your routine, consult a doctor first. You can also click on this link for more articles and interviews like these in your inbox.



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