The Weather Channel, Which Has Partnered with Monsanto in the Past, Comes Out in Support of GMOs on Its Website and Facebook Page


Despite the ongoing, growing grassroots movement against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) both in the United States and overseas, the mainstream media has continued to push its biased narrative that GMOs have been “proven safe” and activists are “anti-science.”

They virtually ignored the May 24 worldwide March Against Monsanto despite several hundreds of thousands of people around the world marching against the GMO giant, and now a somewhat surprising source is also pushing a narrative in favor of GMOs despite widespread opposition.

The Weather Channel seems to be in strong support of GMOs, and its past Monsanto partnership raises questions as to why.

The Weather Channel seems to be in strong support of GMOs, and its past Monsanto partnership raises questions as to why.

The latest attempt to discredit the movement came in an article published on May 28 by The Weather Channel, which was titled “What You Need to Know About GMOs.”

The authoritative-sounding headline on the TV station and website’s Facebook page read as follows: “You probably ate GMOs today without even realizing it. Here’s why you’ll be just fine.” The article went on to attempt to paint activists as “anti-science,” a common tactic used by the Biotech industry.

But just below the article post, activists and people in favor of freedom from genetically modified foods took issue with the article, deluging the page with comments questioning the decision to publish the article, which they believed to be biased. Many said they would “unlike” the page, stop watching and delete Weather Channel apps from their phones.

While the mainstream, corporate-dominated media continues to push the narrative that GMOs are “safe” and “extensively tested,” the truth is that there are dozens and dozens of independent studies that say otherwise, as this collection of studies shows. 

Environmental damage from insects and weeds immune to Monsanto’s chemicals, widespread cross contamination to non-GMO crops and the subsequent damage it’s done to farmers (and the U.S. crop export business) are among other reasons why many scientists around the world are calling for a halt to the GMO experiment, and several countries including France and Russia have banned them recently.

The dominant narrative of GMO companies such as Monsanto that they are “feeding the world,” has also been questioned or refuted, including in two recent major United Nations reports, one of which came from 2013 saying that small scale organic farming is the best way to feed the world (and not GMOs).


The Weather Channel and Monsanto Have a History Together

In 2009 The Weather Channel announced a partnership with Monsanto on a new online tool for farmers, billed as an enhancement to the popular Agriculture News & Forecast section on its website.

Monsanto has recently been increasing its weather-related outreach, buying ‘The Climate Corporation’ to provide data to farmers in fall 2013.

If you’d like to voice your opinion about the article, click on this link to visit the channel’s Facebook page. 


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