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Imagine a world without Google. A world where information wasn’t so accessible and free, but also a world where censorship isn’t even a question. A world where your thoughts and ideas are hidden, kept secret and private.

I’m currently reading a book called Life After Google by: George Gilder and the premise of the book is to share how differently the world would look without Big Tech and Big Data. Big Tech and Big Data have given us incredible software, apps, computers, and so much more, but it all comes at a cost. 

The general public doesn’t realize how much data, information, and variables that Big Tech companies such as Google gather on you. Whether at Facebook, Google, Bing, YouTube, Snapchat, Twitter, hell, even Tik Tok. In fact, Tik Tok was fined $5.7 million dollars for gathering information on children under 13 years old. Creepy huh? They are all gathering your data and selling it to advertisers who may not have your best interest in mind. Some do. Some don’t.

When I see technology that disrupts the current Goliaths of the market it inspires me to think bigger and more differently. It’s a reminder that we still have our own individual power. It’s a reminder that if we decide to change our habits we can take our power back. Whether that’s changing our diets to eat healthier, or whether that’s exercising and moving our body more frequently. Maybe it’s getting to sleep at an earlier time. Perhaps it’s the more challenging aspect of paying attention to our emotional states and the state of our psychology at any given moment. Mindfulness. 

The big benefit of technology is that it can be used as a tool for a portal to gain deeper wisdom and understanding. Or it can be used as a crutch, or even against us, depending on our relationship with it. Either we use it, or it uses us.

But oftentimes when we use it, and think we have a healthy relationship with it, we are still being abused by its power.

It’s like being in a relationship with someone you don’t know. You’re blindly and madly in love with someone that professes the same about you. While secretly, behind the curtain, they’re a destructive narcissist. A pathological liar who is cheating on you.

That’s Big Tech. That’s Big Data. They give you something free but what you pay for it in exchange goes beyond what you know. 

Tech has many positives however, and has given us so many benefits. It’s made our lives easier. We can learn more faster, we can travel easier. We can stay in a stranger’s home on AirBandB on the side of a mountain.

It has connected us and integrated philosophies, cultures and people in such a beautiful myriad of ways.

Thankfully there are modern day solutions for modern day problems, and even ways that technology can help us interact in a healthier and more exciting way with nature itself. 



Using Plantsnap to Identify Native Plants 

Recently I discovered a company known as Plantsnap. This company is disrupting our relationship with plants of all varieties including the medicinal by simply giving us a platform to identify plants easily and quickly.

Sure you could Google search for plant varieties and learn by research but Plantsnap is making that process much easier, faster and more convenient.

With Plantsnap you simply take a picture of the plant you are looking to identify. Plantsnap goes to work with its image processing technology to run the plant through a database to identify it. To ultimately share which plant species of plant you are currently looking at.

This gives you, the consumer, the ability to become a plant expert easily at your fingertips. 

What most people don’t realize is that most plants can be valuable in the form of food, medicine, industrial use, and more.

If we can better identify and see the value and nature as it surrounds us we can live in more homeostasis with nature on a day-to-day basis.

There are wild foods, medicinal plants, and plants that can be used for industrial use that can be found in the forest. 

This app takes a simple hike and turns it into a treasure hunt. 




Plantsnap gives you the user the ability to be more resourceful in nature on that hike, or in your backyard on a Wednesday night.

What’s even better, Plantsnap shares with you the unbiased scientific data and research on the species you are reviewing. You become a plant genie in real time. 

I started using the app a few days ago myself here on an organic farm in Detroit and I must say I am hooked.

It’s like a video game and discovering treasure all at the same time. 

Instead of researching and being fed information that is biased based on the advertiser interests of Big Tech and Big Data I decided to utilize something a little bit more sophisticated that gave me everything and an unbiased way and one place simply by taking a beautiful picture.

Plant snap is available for download on the Android and iTunes marketplace stores for free. You can learn more about the app at

Enjoy the plant snap adventures. 




Giving It Back to the People: Brave Browser Offers Different Approach To Data 

There are other companies that are giving people exactly what they want without all the strings attached.

Another company Brave Browser is disrupting search browsing and giving users control and access of their data. Not only that, but you’re fiscally rewarded for the time that you use it. Unlike Google, which keeps all the profits off your data. 

The first day I used it I earned 25 cents by noon. It’s not much, but the benefit of owning your data is worth far more than 25 cents a day. Plus that’s an extra $7-8 a month in crypto! All for doing what I already do. I made the switch to Brave browser to own my data again, and you can too.

It may not seem big, but these little changes make a big impact in the long run. 

Companies like this are evening the playing field. 

This article was written by David Benjamin of

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