The Oil That Boosts Brain Function, Lowers Blood Sugar, Increases Energy and Much More


Coconuts are one of the most renowned superfoods in the world, providing health benefits whether dried, juiced, pureed, drank from, or cooked.

Lately, nutrition scientists have been working overtime to maximize the health benefits of coconuts, creating more concentrated versions of the benefits they bring to the table.

Among them are a type of oil that has gained popularity within the ketogenic diet and “paleo” health circuits, but is still relatively unknown among the mainstream.

It may sound like something that is difficult to get into and not worth your time, but the benefits of this highly concentrated coconut-based oil supplement are simply too numerous to count.


The Beneficial and Unique Properties of MCT Oil 

Among coconut’s many beneficial properties, the presence of medium-chain triglycerides stand out more than any other.

This type of fatty acid is almost exclusive to coconuts (it’s also found in dairy products and palm kernel oil), and it works by providing an alternate fuel source for the brain that differs from traditional glucose. 

These MCT substances are more quickly absorbed by the brain and utilized for fuel, which is why they show promise for healing people with Alzheimer’s and helping elders to memorize and retain information more effectively.

When it comes to MCT oil itself, the specific benefit is that you are consuming this specific part of the coconut, which in a certain sense is the most energy-rich part.

The MCT Oil in Coffee Craze


Most people began putting MCT oil, along with a popular product called Brain Octane Oil, after the release of the 2014 book ‘The Bulletproof Diet.’

bulletproof diet

The book, written by a formerly obese computer expert and ‘biohacker’ named Dave Asprey, detailed a relatively strict (yet highly enjoyable) dietary plan based around three basic concepts:

  1. Intermittent Fasting
  2. Drinking mold-free coffee with healthy fats such as grass-fed butter, ghee, MCT oil, and Brain Octane Oil
  3. Eating a Paleo style, low-inflammation diet packed with organic vegetables and pasture-raised, organic or regeneratively-raised meats (like these meats from REP Provisions which are sourced from pesticide-free fields)

The goal of the diet is to flood your brain with healthy fats, and your body with minerals while revving up your digestion, alertness, and circulation with organic, mold-free coffee.

The healthy fats from coconut are a key pillar of this diet, including MCT and Brain Octane Oil, both of which contain concentrated forms of medium chain triglycerides from coconuts.

It’s a delicious and healthy diet that Asprey says will help him live to be somewhere in the 150 years or above range some day.

I personally have tried this diet and I felt incredible benefits, although it was quite expensive and restrictive at times.

But the use of MCT oil, Brain Octane Oil, butter in my coffee, and organic MCT oil powder are “hacks” that I have taken with me and still use to this day.

The Top 10 Benefits of MCT Oil 


Recently, holistic doctor and keto diet advocate Dr. Eric Berg detailed the top health benefits of MCT oil for human health.

Among them are: 

  • Better Brain and Cognitive Function– MCT oil is loaded with health saturated fats that the brain can readily use as fuel. It is a more concentrated form of the “rocket fuel” that permeates the coconut, which is why it has become such a popular supplement.
  • Reduced Hunger- While taking MCT and Brain Octane oils and powders in my coffee, I noticed I wasn’t nearly as hungry. My brain had all of the fuel it needed to complete every task, while my focus and intuition remained sharp. Taking MCT oil is ideal for anyone who works a desk job. It’s also great for anyone who has a high-pressure or high-stress job of any kind. Just make sure you take a break from your work to eat, because I personally noticed that not always eating enough was one of the potential side effects of this diet.
  • Antimicrobial Benefits- Coconut is one of the healthiest foods on Earth not just because of the energy it provides, but also because it can attack foreign invaders and pathogens in the body including viruses and other microbes (viruses are considered to be the smallest of all microbes, with the sole purposes to multiply inside the cells of other living things).
  • Lowered Blood Sugar- A 2007 study found that MCT improved diabetes risk factors, including insulin resistance, in a small group of participants with Type II Diabetes.
  • Improves Mood- When I was on the Bulletproof Diet drinking MCT and Brain Octane Oil each morning with my ‘Bulletproof Coffee,’ I definitely noticed an improved mood. This concoction provides the same feeling of satisfaction, focus and contentment as eating a large, healthy meal, but won’t weigh you your digestive system down. When the brain has the right fuel to function properly, it tends to make connections and “hum on all cylinders” the way it wouldn’t otherwise. Coffee with MCT oil, or simply taking MCT oil on its own in hot water or tea, can give the brain the direct, usable fuel it needs to improve your mood. In other words, it keeps the brain happy.


Try organic MCT oil by clicking here or by clicking on the picture above. Use code ‘althealthworks’ for a discount at checkout.

For more information on MCT Oil and the other 10 biggest benefits, check out the video from Dr. Berg in the player below: 


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