This Woody, Evergreen Grass Is A Saving Grace For Hair, Skin and Nail Health

Bamboo health benefits include hair, skin and nails benefits. Provides protection from the sun's UV rays.


The plant and animal kingdoms are chock full of unique flora and fauna that help to comprise the complex web of life forms that make up Planet Earth and all who dwell upon it.

Some of the most unknown types of plants reside in the bamboo family, which sustains life for countless species from pandas and red pandas to beetles, chimpanzees, lemurs and African elephants.

The versatility and effectiveness of bamboo is being increasingly found in a wide range of supplements that add bamboo to their formulas for maximum benefits in terms of hair, skin and nails benefits.


What Is Bamboo And Why Is It Important?

Bamboo is a type of plant many people mistake for wood or a tree, but it’s actually a perennial grass that resides in the Poaceae family. There are over 1,400 species and 115 genera of bamboo and it grows everywhere from hot, tropical climates to regions that are cold long parts of the year.

Bamboo grows significantly faster than most other plants, sometimes up to 60 centimeters or more per day.

It is a keystone species for the many animals great and small that rely on it and it provides nutrients that sustain life for myriad creatures that roam the forests, riverbanks and other areas where this incredible grass is found.


Bamboo As a Dietary Supplement

Bamboo, bamboo shoots and bamboo extracts are among the bamboo products that are taken as dietary staples of supplements from the Far East all the way across the globe to North American countries. Most species grow in Asia but there are plenty that are capable of growing around the world in various nooks and crannies, countries, continents, states, cities and ecosystems of the globe.

Bamboo shoots are a source of protein, carbs, minerals, and Vitamins A and E.

They contain natural plant chemicals with positive health effects. The major plant compounds in bamboo shoots and other parts of the bamboo grass could have anti-cancer and pro-thyroid health effects.


Try a Liquid Tincture For Hair Growth

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Bamboo extract and bamboo shoots are often listed among the best superfoods for hair growth which is an indicator of their standing in the health world incredible supplement for youthful appearance, beauty, hair skin and nails.

Bamboo hair health tincture from Herbal Goodness.

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Bamboo health benefits include the following:

Bamboo is often eaten by red pandas in Asian forests.

Red panda photo via


Bamboo extract is packed with antioxidants that help protect the skin from UV damage from the sun’s rays and free radicals that can weaken skin and cause it to lose its youthful elasticity over time.

Bamboo protects the skin’s natural barrier. When taken over time bamboo extract helps to reduce fine lines while keeping the skin moisturized, soft and supple, helping to prevent dryness.


Bamboo extract helps to strengthen hair follicles in ways other supplements can’t. It helps to increase circulation in the scalp which is often the hidden, determining factor in hair retention, hair loss and hair growth.

Improved circulation to the hair follicles typically happens when we are able to relax, get ample nutrients from myriad sources, breathe in properly and exhale properly.

Bamboo can create this effect even in times of great stress or times when you have a heavy workload and can’t seem to relax and find the right rest to nutrient ratio to prevent hair loss.


I get tons of bamboo extract in this delicious electrolyte drink

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Bamboo has high levels of cellulose which is a unique plant compound among all of the different flora in the plant kingdom. This compound helps to prevent constipation so your body’s elimination process is running smoothly on all cylinders and the gunk is ultimately cleared out of your system.

The result is a digestive system that remains in balance and in harmony so that nutrients are better absorbed and waste is removed from the body, preventing negative effects on your organs and other bodily systems.

I personally have been taking bamboo products for quite some time now and I absolutely love them.

While taking an electrolyte drink powder containing bamboo extract, sea minerals and pink Himalayan salt, I noticed that my hair became thick and full and any issues I had with scalp circulation disappeared.

Simply put, I can’t recommend adding bamboo shoots and bamboo extract containing products to your daily routine enough.

If you see bamboo shoots at the local health food store or farmer’s markets, considering purchasing some and adding them to your next salad or healthy plant-based stir fry dishes.

This is one plant that always improves my health drastically which is why I use it in my daily supplement routines often.

To your best health,

Nicholas J. Meyer Founder

Nick Meyer

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