TV Host Bill Maher Calls Out Factory Farming in the U.S., Compares it to Wet Markets in Wuhan, China


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The coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns have gone on for more than two months now, and both social media and the Internet in general are oversaturated with comments, viewpoints, and potential solutions for expediting the return of normal human life again without constant social distancing, OCD hand-washing, and mask wearing.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump, many members of the Democratic Party, and even Bill Gates, the billionaire philanthropist and former computer company founder, all seem united that distributing in hundreds of millions of vaccines to the general public both at home and abroad as being necessary for the resumption of public life as we know it.


[Learn more about what happened when the government mandated pushed for mass vaccinations during the 1976 Swine Flu pandemic in this CBS News report]


One of the major aspects that is being overlooked in all of this is the purported source of the outbreak, China’s “wet market” animal trade, which has been cited along with a possible lab-related release of the virus, and whether or not there may be a connection to its unsanitary practices and the way food is produced in the United States.

These markets, where live animals may be slaughtered and sold, get their name from the use of water to hose down produce and clean fish and/or meat.

They have been on the receiving end of much criticism and condemnations from U.S. officials in recent months, and calls for their closures.

Recently, TV show host Bill Maher decided to take on the issue of closing these markets, but his analysis took a surprising turn when he became to compare them to America’s own national disgrace factory farming.

“Two weeks ago I called out China for reopening their wet markets and miracuously people from both sides of the aisle reached out and said, ‘Good for you for saying that,’ Maher said.



“We’ll here’s another hot take that may not be as popular: America’s factory farming is just as despicable as a wet market and it’s just as problematic for our health.

“Factory farms have a lot more lobbyists, but ecological time bombs tick the same,” he continued.

Regardless of your opinion on the coronavirus and what should be done going forward, whether or not it may have originated at least parly from a lab, and whether it’s as deadly as the mainstream media makes it out to be (this recent major university study casts doubt on the official death rate), it’s well worth watching Maher’s take on the current situation.

In the video below, he describes why America should also use this time to take a long, hard look in the mirror about what it’s been doing in its own backyard before it’s too late (warning: part of this video do contain explicit language):

America's Wet Markets

Stop trying to get me to watch Tiger King. I already have to watch one bottle-blonde from reality TV. And the other reason I'm not watching Tiger King is that torturing animals is what got us into this mess.

Posted by Bill Maher on Friday, April 24, 2020



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