Study Reveals: U.S. Life Expectancy Declines for the First Time in Decades

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U.S. life expectancy fell for the first time since 1993 – from 78.9 to 78.8 years. While the decline is just one-tenth of a year, there is an alarming increase in health problems in the United States.

There is a rise in many health risks across the board: heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, overdoses, and chronic illnesses, which significantly lower life expectancy.

Statistics show an increase in “virtually every cause of death” and for every age group, reported the Washington Post. According to the World Health Organization, the U.S. life expectancy now ranks #31.

While the U.S. is pretty low on the list, people live the longest in the following top 10 countries:

Japan – 83.7 years
Switzerland – 83.4
Singapore – 83.1
Australia – 82.8
Spain – 82.8
Iceland – 82.7
Italy – 82.7
Israel – 82.5
Sweden – 82.4
France – 82.4

A different report also ranked the U.S. dead last out of 17 countries when it comes to risk of death from all causes. And while there is a misconception that people of lower incomes who cannot afford the best medical help are at a bigger risk, the report showed the risk of death is about equal regardless of income.

life expectancy by country

WHO, World Health Statistics 2016

“The news is that this is across the lifespan, and regardless of income. A lot of people thought it was underserved populations that were driving the statistics — the poor, the uninsured. They still are a big part of our challenge, but the fact that even if you’re fairly well-to-do you still have these problems shatters that myth,” said Georges Benjamin of the American Public Health Association.


The U.S. has higher rates of death by:

-Car accident
-Coronary heart disease
-Lung disease
-Pregnancy and childbirth complications

death from all causes


Violence and car accidents aside, one has to wonder if the American people’s poor health and now a decline in life expectancy is due to genetically engineered foods and the litany of chemicals we use that make it into our food, air, and water (many of which are banned in Europe), not to mention the side effects from our national epidemic of prescription drug overdoses. Stress is also one of the biggest factors of health issue that is mostly ignored.

And each year, while we may live longer than we did in 1993, we slowly become sicker and sicker, despite the fact that the U.S. spends more on healthcare per person than any other country in the world, over $1,000 more per citizen which is far higher than the second highest spender, Switzerland.

Where does it all stop? Until we pay more attention to what we out into our bodies, the situation is unlikely to majorly change.

Let us know what you think the biggest reason for this problem is in the comments section below!

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