Spiritual Healing, Physical Transformation: An Exclusive Interview With Shaman Artist Healer Yuko Adachi

Yuko Adachi, spiritual healer and artist interview.


The process of becoming a healthy human being is filled with countless ups and downs, twists and turns.

For those who focus on and seek health as a way of life, revelations and epiphanies often reveal that there is no one-size-fits-all game plan for becoming, and staying as healthy as humanly possible.

Mental, emotional and spiritual health counselor Yuko Adachi knows this as well as anyone, having utilized her God-given spiritual gifts and talents to foster healing and emotional, mental and spiritual growth in her clients for years.

Adachi spoke with AltHealthWorks.com recently to share how she uses her “shamanic” gifts as a conduit for healing, and are oftentimes on their last leg with little hope of reversing life-threatening health conditions in sight.

The Power of Trauma Healing

Adachi specializes in trauma healing, a type of spiritual healing that ultimately serves as a panacea, in many cases, for multiple systems of the body, including physical ones.

Most if not all diseases have a spiritual or subconscious cause that manifests in physical health problems, and these causes are often tied to chronic, negative feelings and/or traumatic events.

Chronic, negative disturbances occur when a person is denied support from friends, co-workers or loved ones, forced to endure name calling, teasing, neglect, disrespect, excessive one-sided criticism, pressure, lies, betrayal, nagging, exploitation, victimization, minimization, belittlement, or any other number of other events that are chronic in nature.

Traumatic events are typically much more serious and impactful in nature, oftentimes manifesting as the culmination of events of the previously mentioned nature.

Traumatic events are described as challenging, difficult, jarring or unnerving, and may cause extreme fear, pain, shame, grief, frustration, anger, negativity, loneliness, disappointment, regret, bitterness, sadness, disgust, overwhelm, contempt, misery, agony, melancholy, disgust, shame, guilty (even in cases where the person who suffered from the event was not at fault), anguish, doubt, dread, dismay, and countless other pervasive emotions that may take an inordinate amount of time to release from the mind, body and spirit.

People tend to internalize these traumatic events and live their lives within the boundaries and parameters of the negative emotions they caused us to feel.

Traumatic events rob us of our original, childlike, default operating systems based on kindness, hope, fun, excitement, joy, happiness, calmness, kindness, connectedness, eagerness, love, and respect for others.

These events stack up over years and become difficult to diagnose. The “wires get crossed,” so to speak, and it becomes difficult to discern where one traumatic episode ends and another begins.

Interpersonal Healing For “Improbable” Results

Healing can seem impossible when a person is stuck in a downtrodden, negative and emotionally distant state — until the right healer and healing modality is found.

Some people heal through prayer, others through meditation. Some heal through their work, others through interpersonal relationships. Some heal through hobbies that other people might consider pointless or a waste of time, such as walks or hikes or video games or sports, art and music.

Others need assistance from a healing professional, and that’s for Adachi comes in for her clients.

Adachi’s task with her clients is to undercover where the energetic blockages might be, for the sake of performing a an energetic surgery of sorts.

This process pulls negative emotions to surface so that they can be diagnosed, understood, faced, and ultimately healed.

Adachi’s work often focuses on acceptance, and the importance of loving one’s self regardless of circumstances.

Ugly and negative feelings have a way of robbing us of our self-esteem and self-love over time.

Adachi says that people are depriving themselves of becoming their truest, most healed and confident selves because of the way these feelings obfuscate our personal truths.

“A lot of people feel they are depriving themselves,” Adachi said.

“They know they are loved but I show them, ‘It’s okay to accept yourself as who you are.”



Adachi conducts discovery sessions with clients to get to the crux of the problems they are oftentimes unaware they may be dealing with at a subconscious level.

“What are the fears or trauma you’ve been carrying that make you feel like you’re not aligned to action?” Adachi asked.

Adachi calls herself a ‘hands-on healer.’

“It’s like having a counselor, I go to a spiritual and energetic level,” she said. “When you notice your energy, whether you are frustrated or sad, etc., it affects how you feel in your nervous system.

“Just talking it out doesn’t always help, so I like to go deeper into the energy system, the chakra system (found in eastern medicine and healing traditions).

“And I see what is blocked for you (energetically), to (put you) into a self-empowered state.”

One of the most challenging experiences for her clients to overcome is the emotion of worry.

“Worrying is something projected that doesn’t always exist in reality,” Adachi said. “Until I know the facts, I choose not to react.

“This is what I always teach, if you can focus yourself, nothing is as bad as your imagination.”


Learn More About Yuko Adachi’s Work Here


Adachi’s Art and the Power of Synchronicity

Yuko Adachi healing art.

Adachi is also a visual artist whose work has been featured in museums and at events from the East Coast to Central America and beyond.

The Costa Rica based painter puts her heart, soul, and as much positive energy into her paintings as she can muster up and then lets the magic of divinely orchestrated synchronicity find a home for it, she said.

“We all notice the divine way in which we are all connected,” Adachi added, noting a chance encounter with a friend she and her husband had at an art museum in New York City recently that helped to transform her in many ways.

“Synchronicity happens. Those are always important, necessary experiences for you to grow from, regardless of what happens, we are always given a chance to decide how we want to use each experience to learn and grow from it.”

Adachi’s art was featured in the New England Art Magazine’s April and May issue on the topic of ‘the convergence of health and how art can assist in healing.”

Her artwork is crisp, colorful, and helpful for raising the mood of whatever room it happens to be placed in.


Emotional and Spiritual Healing For Physical Miracles

Adachi works with clients in dire health conditions and has helped them to unlock their own unique healing potential in ways modern medicine would most likely describe as a miracle.

Adachi said she had a client who was “almost dying of blood disease” who once said to her, “Hey Yuko, you are my shaman.”

The woman arrived in a wheelchair wearing an adult diaper and Adachi’s mind began running wild. The pressure of helping another person to heal, whether through energy work, mental health counseling, surgery, health coaching or otherwise is never easy, especially when another human being’s life is on the line.

“Oh, my God, I’m not going to make this person die,” Adachi thought, before springing into action and creating a plan for the struggling woman.

After 14 sessions of energy healing, a structured and pre-planned process of helping her to finally face and overcome her personal demons, the woman was able to walk again, Adachi said.

“Emotional stagnancy causes sickness,” Adachi posited about the woman, adding that she was on a “whole backpack of medicine” before her spiritual and emotional healing journey unfolded and her health miraculously improved.

Personal Disagreemand the Challenges They Cause

Another of Adachi’s clients found herself dealing with the catastrophic emotional effects of divorce.

After three distance sessions and one in-person session with Adachi, she woke up one morning and found herself crying tears of relief.

“I said, what’s wrong?” Adachi said.

“She said, I didn’t tell you, I had brain damage seven years ago and I couldn’t smell, it became part of my life I didn’t think I could heal (from).

Adachi said the woman’s sense of smell miraculously came back after she was able to address and heal from the emotional pain she had been suffering from for so many years.

“One of her friends baked a focaccia (Italian herb bread with sun dried tomatoes) and she was able to use her sense of smell, she said her sense of smell came back and she could smell the juice, the onion, the tomato, and everything else on the facaccia.”



Learn More Or Book a Session With Yuko Here



Adachi said she helped to “untangle” a “really dense, crystallized dark energy or heaviness” that she said did not belong to the person she was working with, a series of healing sessions that ultimately made the woman feel much lighter, healthier and happier again.

“Once her body was really in alignment and the in the flow, she healed naturally,” Adachi added.

“She allowed this part to come out and faced it, she learned and re-learned to let it go.”


More Info On Yuko Adachi

Adachi has a website, YukoAdachi.com, which includes a shop, gallery of her paintings, information on events, and more.

She also has a section for 1-on-1 sessions similar to the ones mentioned above with a focus on deep-rooted, physical, spiritual, mental and emotional healing.

If you’re at all on the fence about this type of healing, I implore you to visit Yuko’s website with an open mind. I personally have worked with healers of this variety and I can say with one hundred percent confidence that there is something special flowing through their veins. The results I have gotten from spiritual healers like Yuko has been nothing short of incredible, and I personally was thoroughly impressed with Yuko’s heart, mind and spirit for healing while conducting this interview with her through a video chat.

In addition, you can You can also stay at her beautiful AirBnB in blue zone Costa Rica, “Pura Vida Magic” Nosara, surrounded by jungle and located one three-minute walk from the gorgeous Pelada beach. You may also book her healings as part of your self care gift for your life changing healing journey.

It is rare to find a true healer…May this synchronicity bring you to cross path with this beautiful and gifted soul (click here to book now).

Thanks so much for reading as always and I hope you get a chance to check out Yuko’s website by clicking on this link.


Nicholas J. Meyer

AltHealthWorks.com Founder


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