Watch This 4th Grader Explain How he Gets his Friends to Trash Their GMO Snacks and Go Organic


Daniel Bissonette made headlines across the country in the alternative press for his stirring speech at the Vancouver March Against Monsanto this past May, and now he’s continuing to educate the masses on his YouTube Channel and Facebook page.

Bissonette is part of a new generation of healthy eaters who are abandoning the GMO-laced and artificial convenience foods those before them ate in favor of organic farming, eating and living.

He, along with Rachel Parent, who famously took on professional bully Kevin O’ Leary in a CBC News segment, and Birke Baehr, a young boy who gave an incredible TEDx talk on what’s wrong with our food system, are among the next generation of young organic food personalities who are spreading the word about how we need to take the power back from Big Food, sooner than later.


Bissonette: Just Say “No” to Sun Chips! 

In the video below, Bissonette is at it again, this time telling the story of how he educated a friend on GMOs and why to avoid them.

The friend offered him a Sun Chip, a snack that was once regarded as healthy (but now many of us know better).

Bissonette explains how the entire snack is “loaded with GMOs” incuding “likely Bt corn genetically modified to produce its own toxins.”

It really is unfortunate that the younger generation knows more about this kind of thing than the adults who have all the purchasing power, isn’t it?

That’s one way to look at it, or we could see kids like Daniel, Rachel and Birke, smile, and realize that we’ll be in good hands in the years to come with more organic farming than ever before.

Check out the video below to see how Bissonette got his friend to make a change and go organic:


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