Massive Columbia University Medical Study Finds Connection Between Birth Month and Disease Risk



If you’ve ever looked up a horoscope for your zodiac sign you’ve probably wondered about the personality differences between people born in different months.

And while there are still plenty of doubters, it’s often said that many of these differences have a lot of truth behind them.

But what if I told you that people born in different months also are more likely to get different major diseases based on what time of year they were born?

That’s exactly what a team of researchers from the New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center is saying based on a study of how seasonal effects at birth affect lifetime risks for over 1,600 diseases.

What they found could have a dramatic effect on how we view our health, and maybe even when is the best time to conceive a child.

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Different Months, Different Health Threats

While it’s important to always focus on words like health and healing above sickness and disease, knowing what diseases you may be prone to is also important.

The study in question, undertaken by Mary Regina Boland, Nicholas Tatonetti of the Columbia University Department of Medicine, examined records of a whopping 1.75 million patients born between 1900 and 2000 who had been treated at the school’s medical center in New York City.

They found some pretty compelling similarities between people born in different months and the diseases they should be concerned about.

For example according to the data people born in March should be especially concerned about heart disease, as rates of arterial fibrillation (an irregular, rapid heartbeat causing poor blood flow) are high during this month.

But people born in September-November have far lower rates of these heart problems.

In total the team found 55 diseases that were “significantly dependent” on birth month.

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Among the findings- 

-People born in May and July had no at-risk diseases!

-People born in October have a higher risk of neurological disease but low heart disease risks; for those born in March it was the opposite.

-People born in the following months have special health risks according to the study:

Cardiovascular Disease- 

People born in March, April and January are most at-risk for heart problems.

If you were born in October you have the most protection with September and December also well-protected.

Neurological Diseases-

People born in November have the highest risk by far, with October births the only other group with an especially increased risk.

March people have by far the highest level of protection against these diseases.



Respiratory Diseases-

People born in November have the highest risk, followed by those born in October.

February, March and April babies have the most protection.

Reproductive Diseases-

People born in December, November and October are most at-risk for reproductive diseases.

People born in January, May, and any month after August had the least problems.

Overall Diseases-

If you were born in October, November, and March you need to be especially health conscious as these people have the highest rate of overall diseases.

People born in August, January, November, May and July are most protected against diseases according to the data. Don’t forget to tell them the good news!

What Conclusions Should Be Made?

At the end of the day, the researchers stress that health is something we should take into our own hands and that these connections are just one possible factor.

But considering the strength of the correlations they found (see this link for the full study) this information can be extremely useful to anyone who wants to stay health, and to avoid the same fate as others who came before them.

You can watch a video from the Columbia University Medical Center by clicking below:

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