Wow! This “Cave” is a Himalayan Salt Paradise with 45 Tons of Pure Salt Covering Walls, Ceilings, and Floor (MUST see)


Himalayan salt cave in California, the largest salt cave in Northern America, is a relaxing experience with therapeutic health benefits. PHOTO: Vincent N.,


Himalayan salt is one of today’s favorite health items as many people are using salt lamps to better their environment and air quality. The benefits of salt lamps are almost never-ending, which is why they’ve become so popular in recent years. Now, the  next level of salt lamp therapy has arrived: Himalayan salt caves, which are becoming more common in many unique holistic healing centers.

Salt from a Himalayan light or lamp cleanses the air from allergens, dust, cigarette smoke, and contaminants, making it a fantastic tool to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms, as well as relieving cough.

Himalayan salt is also great for your mental and emotional state thanks to its relaxing, warming glow and negative ions emitted. It improves mood, aids with concentration, relieves symptoms of seasonal effective disorder and helps you sleep better. It may increase your energy levels over time, and protect you from electromagnetic radiation that is present is any ordinary American home. Any of us can benefit from Himalayan salt.


The walls of the cave are covered with salt, and the floor is covered with crushed salt. PHOTO: Monna C.,

Whether you are a longtime salt lamp user, or just starting to research it, there is a place in California that may be the most relaxing salt lamp experience you have ever had. Called the Salt Cave, this spa is located in Santa Barbara, California, and includes a “cave” covered with salt.

The walls and the ceilings are overlaid with big blocks of salt crystals, and the floor with crushed salt — a total of 45 tons of salt used.

The visitors either sit in zero-gravity chairs or lie in the crushed salt while listening to relaxation music. The cave’s air is infused with micro salt particles and has a therapeutic effect for the respiratory system, as well as general mental and physical well-being.


Inhaling the salt particles has the following benefits:

-Breathe easier
-Reduce symptoms of common cold
-Relieve allergies and asthma
-Reduces Cough
-Boosts blood flow through your body
-Users feel more energized
-Aids better concentarion
-Relieves stress
-Aids happiness
-Helps you sleep better
-Relieves migraines and headaches
-Ease anxiety
-Detoxify the body


The Salt Cave also provides other services such as cave meditation sessions, yoga, massage, scrubs, and different workshops.

People who have been to the cave left positive reviews:

“I end up falling asleep on a zero gravity chair (so comfortable) and when I woke up I felt I could breathe fully.” Sofia I.

“I have a breathing problem but was breathing perfectly while in the 45-minute complimentary salt cave.” Gayane M.

“After a 45-minute session, I noticed…that my sore throat was gone, I could swallow without any pain.” Karin I.



Standing on salt or a salt block help detoxify the body through your feet. PHOTO: Gayane M., Yelp. com

Replicate a Salt Spa Experience At Home

If you are unable to visit a cave like this, there are a few things you can do at home to replicate some of its experience.

Salt Lamps or Salt Candle Holders: are a must in every room of the house, especially your bedroom, and rooms that have electronic devices. One great aspect of salt lamps is that they now come in many different shapes (salt lamp pyramid, heart, bowl, and sphere, just to name a few), and make for a unique decoration as well as a health item. Salt candle holders can also be used if you would like to heat the salt using candles instead of electricity.

Stand on Salt Blocks or Crushed Salt: to replicate the experience of standing on salt, you can either purchase salt foot bricks, or crushed salt to add to a foot bucket. The foot bricks have more uses, as you can warm them up beforehand, or place them in the shower and put your fit on them while you sit and relax. Because a lot of body’s natural detoxification process happens through the feet, standing on salt is used as one of the detox tools.

Take One Teaspoon of Salt Daily: some holistic practitioners recommend taking one teaspoon of Himalayan salt with a full glass of water early in the morning for energy boosts, to jump start your metabolism, and aid daily detoxification. For this purpose, it is recommended to purchase culinary Himalayan salt. You can also replace regular salt with it for cooking.

Cook on a Salt Block: a cooking salt block can be used for grilling, chilling, or serving the food. It gives the food a salty flavor. Some excellent recipes can be found in the book “Salt Block Cooking: 70 Recipes…” 

Use Himalayan Salt for Baths: and of course, numerous body scrubs, detox salt baths, and other products exist for replicating some of your favorite spa services in your own home.

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