Zimbabwe Plans to Continue Ban on Genetically Modified Food, Will Pursue Natural Food Markets Instead

According to the Zimbabwe government, the country will “not allow the introduction of GMO (genetically modified organism) materials, and plans to continue a ban on the foods for the foreseeable future.

Photo from the Facebook page GMO Free USA (click to see their page).

Photo from the Facebook page GMO Free USA (click to see their page).

Zimbabwe has been under increasing pressure from outside influences to allow GMOs, but they will remain steadfast in their decision to ban them, according to a report from Bernama.com, the national news agency of Malaysia.

Agricultural, Mechanization and Irrigation Development Minister Dr. Joseph Made said the country will focus on targeting the fast-growing markets for natural (and organic) food rather than adopting GMOs.

The government’s authorities have argued that there is no conclusive independent study on GMOs and health and/or environmental safety for them to rely on.

A strong push to get African nations to adopt GMOs, which are known to cross contaminate natural varieties of crops due to pollination, has been underway, but many suspect that the reasoning behind it is to make them customers of GMO seeds and chemicals rather than to assist them in feeding challenges. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, a top proponent and investor in GMO crops, is one of the driving forces behind the push.

The Zimbabwean ban stands in concert with recent bans adopted by various other countries including France and Russia; in the U.S., GMOs are found in as much as 70% or more of all packaged food products on grocery store shelves.

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