The Health Benefits of Una de Gato- Why Cat’s Claw is Helpful for Natural Herb for Smokers, Autoimmune Diseases


The Amazon Rainforest is home to an estimated 10 percent of all of the Earth’s species, and it’s also home to a vast array of rainforest herbs that are studied extensively by medical and drug companies for their health and life-giving properties.

Consider the health benefits of the rainforest herb Una de Gato, aka Cat’s Claw, which has long been taken by native tribes for its anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-cancer effects.

The herb is especially useful for people who smoke according to one study from the University of Milan in Italy, which found that the blood of smokers was essentially returned to normal (cleansed of mutagenic cancer-causing substances) after just two weeks of using Una de Gato.

The health benefits of Una de Gato were recently discussed in this audio segment with myself and David Benjamin of the website

You can listen to the audio here to find out more about the different research on the herb and its benefits.

Below the video is a reference list so you can skip to the part you choose to learn more about each specific use of the herb:


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Video Topics are listed below so you can skip ahead to the right part: 

:40: Una de Gato’s long history of safe use

1:30 Feeling digestive benefits of Una de Gato

1:55: How Cat’s Claw impacts your gut health

2:10: David’s pre-workout Una de Gato routine

2:35: Una de Gato’s effect on red blood cells

3:22: The World Health Conference on Una de Gato

4:05: Why Amazon Rainforest herbs are so potent

6:45: Study shows Una de Gato can return smokers’ blood to normal

7:23: Could Una de Gato provide benefits for autoimmune disease sufferers?

9:00: The best combo of Amazon Herbs for autoimmune disease








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