50+ Traditional Uses for Lavender You May Not Have Known About




Lavender or Lavandula is a genus of flowering plants known for their strong fragrance and health benefits. Most popular for fragrance is Lavandula officinalis. Lavender is valuable for its relaxing and calming properties, repelling insects, treating headaches, insomnia and other health conditions, as well as for cosmetic and culinary uses.

Lavender flowers should be collected right before the buds open up, which happens between June and September, depending on the climate they are growing in. The uses of lavender are numerous.



  • Apply lavender oil directly on the skin or diffuse it into the air to treat vertigo or dizziness
  • Treat sore throat and cough with lavender tea, mouthwash or lavender infused honey
  • Lavender is used both internally and as aromatherapy for depression and anxiety
  • Studies have shown lavender to be effective for falling and staying asleep, as well as waking up more energized
  • A 2014 study has found lavender helpful in treating asthma
  • Lavender essential oil is one of the main oils used for pain relief, it’s a powerful muscular antispasmodic.
  • A lavender compress will help relieve a headache and aches
  • Lavender is an effective antifungal treatment, reported a study in Journal of Medical Microbiology
  • It is used for digestive problems: nausea, upset stomach and indigestion
  • Lavender helps fight stress, relieve a handover and treat exhaustion
  • There is new evidence that lavender may be beneficial for neurological disorders
  • Lavender is an antimicrobial and will aid in fighting infections


Essential Oil

  • Diffuse it around the house for its calming benefits
  • Use lavender essential oil for a relaxing massage – a great way to de-stress
  • Apply a few drops of essential oil to your temples to relieve a headache
  • Ladies, massaging the oil into the stomach will help relieve menstrual cramps
  • Lavender anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties will aid in healing acne breakouts
  • Lavender oil can be used as a mosquito, fly and other insect repellent
  • It also will help relieve discomfort when applied to already existing bug bites
  • If you get sunburned, lavender oil will help soothe the inflamed skin
  • This essential oil can help relive aches and pains when massaged into the joints and muscles
  • Lavender is one of the absolute best oils for sleep; check out this link for full information on how to use it.



  • Use dried lavender springs in wreath and dried bouquets
  • Grow rows of lavender in your garden to decorate the paths

Culinary (use cooking lavender when the recipe asks for dried herb)



Lavender cupcakes, anyone?

Bath products

  • Take an herbal bath: boil lavender with or without other herbs of your choice, strain and add it to your bath
  • Make baths salts with dried lavender and Epsom salt
  • Light a lavender candle (beeswax with pure essential oil) to add a nice healthy smell to your house
  • Create lavender soap by adding a few drop of lavender essential oil to melt and pour soap
  • Lavender infused shampoo promotes hair growth
  • Add a lavender tonic into your skincare routine for revitalized skin
  • Make a lavender salve to treat dry hands or rough patches of skin
  • Lavender foot soak will soften your feet and calluses – perfect for a pedicure
  • Make a lavender lotion to treat eczema

Household products

  • Create an all-purpose household cleaner with dried lavender and vinegar
  • Make lavender potpourri to put in a bowl for aromatic as well as decorative purposes
  • A lavender eye pillow will help you relax after a long day
  • Place a lavender sachet under your pillow to help you fall asleep faster
  • Make a lavender linen spray to create a better environment for sleep
  • Lavender air freshener is a great non-toxic alternative to store-bought products and is easy to make (can add other essential oils)
  • Placing fresh lavender into the closet will help protect from moths
  • Homemade lavender carpet cleaner is eco-friendly, cheap and completely safe
  • While most recipes are for dried flowers, do not throw away the stems. They can be used whole as incense
  • Add a few drops of lavender oil to your natural deodorant for a nice scent

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