“Harvest to Table:” Washington Based Orchard Begins Shipping its Controversial GMO Apples to Store Shelves Nationwide

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GMO apples rolling off the conveyor belt in Washington state, where they are now begin grown in large numbers.



With so many pressing issues happening at both the national and global level lately, many people have forgotten about the fight for natural, clean and organic foods.

Currently, the vast majority of United States farmland is not used for growing organic food as nature intended, but is instead being used to produce genetically engineered foods, monoculture commodity crops, and similar items.

Genetically modified foods also aren’t labeled clearly as such, in stark contrast with Europe and other first world nations.

But the genetically modified food experiment doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, it seems to be just getting started, as recent news of one of the most historic GMO food harvests in human history was just announced to very little fanfare.


Harvest to Table: Unlabeled GMO Apples Grown on U.S. Land, Shipped Nationwide for Consumption

Recently, the Canadian company Okanagan Specialty Foods released its harvest video for the 2020 growing season, showing its newly created and approved “Arctic” apples being grown in a large field in Washington state.

The apples, which are created using gene editing, which has been dubbed a more precise form of genetic engineering despite a pronounced lack of long term human safety testing, have been engineered in a laboratory to not go brown as traditional organic apples do to indicate spoilage, granting them a longer shelf life.

In total, the Arctic Apples company grew its apples on nearly 1,400 acres of land in Washington state in 2020, and plans to ship the apples across the country as pre-packaged apple slices.

The apples will not be labeled as being GMO, but will instead carry the company’s name. You can learn more in its official “harvest to table” video by watching below.


Should You Support the GMO Apple Industry?

While the new GMO creations will allow food producers and retailers to sell their apples for longer periods of time, a trait that the company says will combat food waste, the question is whether these types of “non-browning” apples are worth it for health conscious consumers.

Ultimately, it’s up to each individual person to make their own decisions in concert with their doctor and/or nutritionist’s recommendations.

At least one well known holistic health focused organization, the Center for Food Safety, doesn’t believe they are worth the risk; not by a long shot.

“The FDA also does not require any pre-market safety testing of GMO foods,” wrote the Center on its blog about the apples as part of a petition asking the Midwest chain Coburn’s to reverse its decision to sell the apples.

“These Arctic Apples are engineered using an experimental, new GMO technique called RNA interference. Scientific studies have found that genetic engineering techniques like this may result in genetic errors. You can’t even avoid these GMO apples by reading the package.”

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