How to Make Homemade Carrageenan-Free Almond Milk (With a Probiotic Boost)


It’s a beautiful thing that hundreds of thousands of people are switching from mass-produced, unhealthy pasteurized cow’s milk to almond milk, coconut milk, and other healthier milks, but there’s one major issue with these milks that many people still don’t realize: carrageenan.

Used as a thickening agent, carrageenan has been linked to digestive and stomach issues, and even cancer, but it’s still allowed in organic food products.

Making your own almond milk at home allows you to control the ingredients you put in, and makes for a tastier and healthier drink as well.

Recently, my friend and certified raw nutritionist Salome Torres of filmed a recipe video for her unique probiotic almond milk recipe, which is featured in the latest book I co-authored with her, ‘Raw Vegan Radiance: The Best Smoothie Recipes for Natural Beauty.’

This recipe is used as a base for many of our recipes, and it features a clever trick that will allow you to boost the value of your probiotic supplements as well, for a healthier gut (where most of the immune system is actually located).  You can view the recipe video below, please share, like and comment if you get a chance!


The tools used in the video above include a simple nut mylk bag; you can also use either a state-of-the-art Vitamix blender or even a far cheaper Nutribullet to do the blending and creation of the almond milk.

Make sure your honey is raw and organic (I like this honey, it’s thick, delicious and creamy from an organically farmed region in Mexico!), and don’t forget to subscribe to Salome’s newsletter for articles, health tips and much more.

Thanks for reading as always! -Nick Meyer, Founder

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