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Greetings, and welcome to AltHealthWORKS.com! 

Allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Nick Meyer, and I’m the founder of this website. I began AltHealthWORKS in May 2012 with the simple mission of telling the many incredible stories of the growing holistic and natural health community, stories that had slipped through the cracks of the traditional media.

I’ve seen plenty of health transformations firsthand that many people would consider unbelievable, and I noticed a dearth of coverage while working as a full-time journalist. My work has been published in outlets like the Detroit Free Press, Dallas Morning News, on Yahoo! and many more, but I never had the freedom to publish the type of solution-oriented, life-changing information like I do right here on my own website.

Nick Meyer, Founder

Nick Meyer, Founder

Well-marketed but poor quality “health foods” and supplements didn’t work. But I stayed optimistic and discovered far better ones that have finally transformed my health and my life.

Since becoming an independent health researcher and journalist, my work has been cited by Dr. Joseph Mercola of Mercola.com and published on the website of The Cornucopia Institute, one of the top natural health watchdog organizations in the United States. I’ve written several books for the Amazon Kindle covering important topics of interest to my readers, which can be viewed here.

The process has been refreshing and energizing for me, and I’m excited to keep pursuing what has become my ultimate passion while bringing you exclusive health content, and recommendations for supplements and other products to help my readers and my AltHealthWORKS Facebook community not just get healthy, but to really, truly thrive. Feel free to join us on Facebook and to recommend ideas for articles, topics you want to see covered, or interviews.

I’m glad you found us. Please take a look around and make yourself comfortable, and feel free to visit our AltHealthWORKS store  to see what products we recommend to our community for better health.

Have Yourself an Amazing Day Now!

Nick Meyer

AltHealthWORKS Founder

P.S. As a special gift for visiting our website, please help yourself to a free electronic copy of my book ‘Healing Secrets of the Amazon Rainforest.’ I normally sell it on Amazon.com, but I’ve decided to give it away for free to the AltHealthWORKS community.

You can grab your free copy by clicking on this link.

P.S.S. On the website we also recommend products from time-to-time using “affiliate links.” Should you click on the link and purchase a product a percentage of the sale will be paid out to me, usually between 6% (Amazon.com) to upwards of 20% (Himalayan Salt Lamps). Money from these products helps to support my blogging activities. These products are usually ones that  I have purchased and used myself although they may also be provided by a company for review purposes.

About Nick Meyer

Nick Meyer is a journalist who's been published in the Detroit Free Press, Dallas Morning News and several other outlets. He founded AltHealthWORKS in 2012 to showcase extraordinary stories of healing and the power of organic living, stories the mainstream media always seemed to miss. Check out Nick's Amazon best-seller 'Dirt Cheap Organic: 101 Tips For Going Organic on a Budget' by clicking here, as well as its sequel Dirt Cheap Weight Loss.