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This Father of Three Reversed Over a Dozen Chronic Diseases— And Now Counsels Others to Do the Same (Interview with Derek Henry, Founder of HealingtheBody.Ca)

  If you’ve learned anything about natural health or the healthcare system in general over the past few years, you’ve probably heard of the sobering statistics by now: chronic diseases are running rampant in the United States, so much so that nearly half (45%) of all Americans currently have one. [...]
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“None of the 20 Mammograms Caught My Disease…” Popular Breast Cancer Screening Method is Dangerous and Ineffective. THIS Proven and Safe Method Can Save Thousands of Lives.

  Breast cancer rates have remained high in recent years; as of today, a woman has a 1 in 8 chance of developing breast cancer in her lifetime. While environmental toxins play a big role in this epidemic, a large majority of cases are due to ‘overdiagnosis,’ which happens most [...]
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Study Confirms THIS Type of Fungus is Responsible for Crohn’s Disease (Plus How to Get Rid of It Naturally)

  A new study has confirmed once again what many researchers and doctors of naturopathic medicine have believed for decades: fungus and bacteria are greatly responsible for Crohn’s disease. This time, the researchers discovered which ones in particular are the likely culprits: candida (Candida tropicalis), along with two different types [...]
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