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“All Pregnant Women, Beware” – Gynecologist Exposes the Truth About America’s #1 Doctor Recommended Prenatal Vitamin (Artificial Dyes, Possible Carcinogens and More)

  A pregnant woman knows – there is nothing more important than getting enough nutrients for both her and her baby. When going to a doctor, a gynecologist or a family physician will always recommend prenatal vitamins in hopes of providing just that. While there is nothing fundamentally wrong with [...]
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Warning: Over 3,000 Areas Tested WORSE Than Flint for Lead Poisoning. Six Major U.S. Cities are Among Those At Grave Risk

The horrific water crisis in Flint, Michigan has put spotlight on the fast-growing water quality issue in the United States. This led to multiple organizations to start looking deeper into this situation, and what they’ve found is unsettling. While the growing alternative health movement has been sternly focused on avoiding [...]
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