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A Popular Science Magazine Published The Worst Piece of Anti-Organic Propaganda (the worst part – people actually believe it)

  Popular international magazine New Scientist found itself in the midst of an intense controversy (of the social media variety, that is) after publishing an article titled ‘Stop buying organic food if really want to save the planet,’ along with a video that was viewed more millions of times on Facebook. [...]
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Lead Writer of the Oscar-Winning Film “The King’s Speech” Beat His Cancer Using a Highly Unusual Method to Say the Very Least

  When David Seidler, a well-known and talented British-American movie and television writer, was told his bladder cancer came back, he was devastated. The first time Seidler decided to decline chemotherapy and extensive surgery, reported the CNN. He chose minimal surgery and immune-boosting supplements, but that was not enough and [...]
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