Farmer Reveals: These 3 Claims on Chicken Labels are “Basically Meaningless”


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Americans have become increasingly concerned about the meat industry since Congress decided to repeal Country-of-Origin labeling laws on beef and pork, denying the consumers the right to know where their meat is coming from.

Non-organic meat producers are also allowed to feed their animals genetically modified feed, and aren’t required to label this practice afterward.

As it turns it turns out, the chicken meat industry is just one of several that may have more than a few secrets to hide.

The chicken meat industry is very secretive when it comes to their farms. Unless you are an insider, you will not usually hear about what is happening behind closed doors.

So-called ‘Ag Gag’ laws have only added to the climate of secrecy in recent years.

Recently, a brave American farmer who is contracted to a meat processing company took an RT reporter inside the henhouse in Fairmont, North Carolina to witness what he described as the company’s horrible secrets.

“They are putting stuff on labels and putting stuff in advertisements that is so far removed from what is actually happening in those barns,” the farmer reveals in the video below.


Farmer’s Reveals: These Claims on Chicken Labels Are “Meaningless”

The company makes a lot of big claims on the package of chicken meat — none of which appear to be true. The meat is supposed to come from cage-free chicken without the use of hormones or steroids.

In reality, the chickens are crammed into the farmhouse without fresh air and barely space to move around; they walk on their own manure full of bacteria, are diseased, and die in large numbers each day, sometimes a whole flock at a time.

The farmer calls the labels that claim “cage-free” and “no hormones or steroids” meaningless.


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He also says that “without something in their feed, those birds could not survive” and discloses that there are pharmaceuticals in the bird feed.

Even though the use of antibiotics has been banned, drugs that are not classified as antibiotics are fed to the birds that may be just as bad.

Just a 3-minute footage opens our eyes to the horrible conditions the chickens are living in, and the blatant lies the factory farm is allegedly spreading about the meat:

At the end of the report, the farmer reminds viewers of the quote by former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger: “Control the food and you control the people.”

And we are getting dangerously close to that reality — where the big corporations are controlling everything we eat.


The best way to avoid this type of chicken is to buy organic, free range, or pasture-raised chicken.

Organic chicken cannot have antibiotics in it by definition, and cannot be produced from birds fed genetically modified ingredients.

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