Amazon Rainforest Herbs

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The following is a list of some of the top Amazon Rainforest Herbs and the specific health benefits they provide:

Camu Camu- An Amazon Rainforest Superfood.

Camu Camu

Camu Camu is a berry that grows in the Amazon Rainforest. This superfood contains more natural Vitamin C than any other food source. It strengthens the immune system, is high in antioxidants and filled with serotonin, which balances mood and improves feelings of well-being and happiness. It also contains three amino acids not manufactured or stored by our bodies— leucine, serine and valine, which are important for rebuilding tissues, skin, ligaments, muscles and more. Click here to learn more and learn about the benefits of Camu Camu. Try my favorite supplement containing Camu Camu and three other rare Amazon Herbs by clicking here (this stuff is life changing)!



Stop kidney stone symptoms and dissolve stones with the Chanca Piedra herb.

Chanca Piedra

Chanca Piedra is incredibly effective at detoxing and breaking down calcium deposits in the body that can cause pain and stiffness. Translated from Spanish it means “stone breaker or shatter stone,” hence the appearance of small “stone” looking beads on the plant. This is a great herb for both prevention and treatment of kidney and gall bladder stones. In fact, one recent German study showed that 94% of all kidney stone patients were stone-free within a period of a week or two. Learn more by clicking here.





Dragon Blood Tree

Sangre de Drago Sap

Sangre de Drago, aka “Dragon Blood,” is made from a red tree sap and provides incredible benefits for the blood and circulatory system. Amazon Rainforest natives often apply it to wounds after accidents from cutting plants throughout the jungle. In addition to the sap’s healing powers, the antioxidants in Sangre de Drago help to protect your heart. It contains 90 percent proanthocyanidins, a much higher concentration of the same antioxidants found in grapeseed, to help fight aging and cancer. Learn more about Sangre de Drago— Click Here. I get my Sangre de Drago in this supplement that contains three other rare life-saving herbs!



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