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Gov. Andrew Cuomo Announces Partnership with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to “Reimagine Education,” Draws Backlash from Educators and Parents

      The former founder of the Microsoft computer corporation, Bill Gates has risen to the number two position on the list of the world’s top five richest people for 2020 according to, with an estimated net worth of 98 billion dollars.   Gates Foundation Has Previously Proposed [...]
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Scientists Test Three Solutions for Cleaning Pesticides Off Produce: The Winner is Clear, Chemical-Free and Surprisingly Cheap

    Each year, the release of the Environmental Working Group’s ‘Clean Fifteen’ and ‘Dirty Dozen’ lists inspire countless health conscious shoppers looking for the best deals on produce as free from toxic pesticides as possible. This year’s list followed a similar pattern, with the exception of two well known [...]
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Bill Gates-Funded Company Given EPA Approval to Release Thousands of GMO Mosquitoes in Two U.S. States

  Former Microsoft Founder Bill Gates has been interviewed extensively in the news recently, mostly about his viewpoints on the ongoing coronavirus situation, which ultimately involve his professed plans to “vaccinate virtually the entire world population.” Gates has said that he will need legal protection from governments should his plan [...]
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