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“There’s Nothing ‘Elitist’ About Toxic-Free Food:” Pesticide-Exposed Farmworker Implores People Everywhere to Go Organic

While walking the aisles of the closest supermarket and browsing the produce section, it’s easy to see how “conventional” food can be misconstrued as something “normal.” But the cold, hard truth of the matter is that normalizing a system of toxic pesticides, genetically engineered, lab-created food like Roundup Ready corn [...]
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Synthetic Marijuana Funded by Anti-Cannabis Agency Responsible for Several Deaths, Hospitalizations and Internal Bleeding Episodes

    While medical and even recreational cannabis, aka marijuana, is making a strong push for the mainstream despite its illegal status in many areas, products containing synthetic marijuana are still available at some gas stations, convenience stores, online and in other shops. A 2011 declaration by the DEA classified [...]
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