Product Review: A Men’s Daily Multi-Vitamin With 32 Vitamins, Nutrients and Antioxidants From Emerson

Emerson Multi-Vitamins review.


Men’s health often feels like an issue typically relegated to the pages of a select handful of magazines that hardly ever see the light of day in regular discussion, outside of the gym.

Men’s multi-vitamins and health products are typically focused more on performance in the weight room and on the athletic field than overall health, which can sometimes cause problems to rise among men who wind up choosing inferior supplements leaving gaps and nutritional deficiencies in the long run.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try a multi-vitamin focused on men’s health with an impressive assortment of nutrients from Emerson, an exciting company currently offering a 30% off Father’s Day Sale.

Emerson Multi-Vitamins Vital Stats 

This particular multi-vitamin is packed with nutrients you most likely will not find in the ratios found in this product, or anywhere close for that matter, especially for the price.

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This multi-vitamin covers many of the major nutritional bases and then some. It contains vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in high ratios to ensure that you are getting enough of many of the most essential nutrients needed for men’s health.

Standouts include: 

-Vitamin D (250% daily value)

-A wide spectrum of B vitamins (doses between 1,667% and 41,667%)

-Zinc (136%)

-Potassium Iodide (100%)

I personally was excited to see the potassium included in this supplement. I got an infected tooth removed and got a tooth implant several years ago on a meridian point that is said to cause potassium deficiencies and experienced potassium deficiencies before the dental situation occurred.

I feel immensely better when I take all of the previously mentioned vitamins consistently and I could feel the effects immediately upon taking these. My workouts at the gym have been strong and I have been lifting as much weight as I did several years ago before I took time off to focus more on hiking, kayaking and sports.

Many of the vitamins and multi-vitamins in this blend are incredible and much-needed for testosterone production, energy production and repairing the body’s cells, tissues and functionalities. The wide spectrum of vitamins includes high amounts of vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitamin K1 and more.

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Additional Nutrients in Emerson Men’s Multi

There are other nutrients found in these capsules that I feel are excellent additions. Each capsule is dye-free and packed with micronutrients that can make a dramatic difference in men’s health. The scent of each capsule is a pleasant mint.

The other nutrients include:

-Chlorophyll (for oxygen rich blood)

-CoQ10 (for heart health)

-Green tea extract (metabolism)

-Resveratrol (antioxidants)

-Aquamin (mineral-rich algae)

-Lutein (eye health)

-Lycopene (prostate health)

The full blend of nutrients is listed on the Emerson website here.

Emerson Men's Multi-Vitamins review.

I personally have spent many thousands of dollars on multi-vitamin and herbal supplements in my life and I can say with full confidence that a multi-vitamin similar to this one from Emerson makes a monumental difference in health outcomes and feeling great on a day-to-day basis.

This one from Emerson was designed to fill nutrition gaps, support the immune system, and improve cognitive function among other benefits.

This is one of the best multi-vitamins I’ve ever found for its baseline price of less 30 bucks, especially since it’s tailored to ideal men’s health outcomes. I typically pay much more for this caliber and quantity of vitamins and nutrients.

Overall this multi-vitamin from Emerson is highly recommended.

Learn more or try it for yourself or the man in your life by clicking on this link.


Special thanks to Emerson for the sample of this high quality, extremely well designed multi-vitamin product. 


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