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“There’s Nothing ‘Elitist’ About Toxic-Free Food:” Pesticide-Exposed Farmworker Implores People Everywhere to Go Organic

While walking the aisles of the closest supermarket and browsing the produce section, it’s easy to see how “conventional” food can be misconstrued as something “normal.” But the cold, hard truth of the matter is that normalizing a system of toxic pesticides, genetically engineered, lab-created food like Roundup Ready corn [...]
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Secret Investor Report Leaks Five-Step Bayer, Monsanto Plan to Poison Our Food with Increasing Levels of Toxic Pesticides

“What’s being done to our food in the name of profit?” It’s an omnipresent question that becomes more important with each passing year. Our produce is being gassed, sprayed with chemicals, and even genetically manipulated to the point where it’s becoming and harder to keep track of how many different [...]
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“We Will Stand Up for Our Kids, Even if Washington Will Not:” Hawaii Passes Historic Ban on Trump-Approved Chemical Found Harmful to Children’s Brains

    When the Trump administration approved the toxic pesticide chlorpyrifos from the Dow Chemical Company, with whom they have an extra cozy relationship since Inauguration Day in January 2017, a public outcry ensued that was ultimately unsuccessful. The chemical has been linked to severe developmental delays in children and [...]
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