A Froot Loops Sample was Sent to a Lab for Tests..What They Found Should Have Every Parent Concerned


For millions of kids across the country Kellogg’s Froot Loops have been a staple part of their morning diet.

But are Kellogg’s Froot Loops really safe, and should parents strongly consider boycotting them until the company finally listens to activists and removes all the unnecessary junk?

It’s common knowledge that the sugary breakfast cereal is anything but healthy, especially in the morning when kids are still adjusting and heading out for a long day, but recent lab analyses of the potentially harmful ingredients in Froot Loops, Kashi, and other Kellogg’s brand cereals are showing just how bad cereal really is for the health of children.


What’s in a Froot Loop? Harmful Chemicals, GMOs and More

The website and advocacy group GMO Free USA has gained popularity nationwide for taking on and refuting GMO myths through social media awareness and education, and lately they’ve begun branching out by conducting lab tests on popular foods.

The lab tests are important because GMO labeling is still a right not offered to United States consumers as it is in 60+ countries around the world.

In order to test the Froot Loops for harmful chemicals as well as GMO material, a lab sample was submitted of Froot Loops to a certified lab in 2014.

It found that a full 100% of the corn in Froot Loops was GMO, through a quantitative PCR test by DNA analysis that found sequences that are known to be present in insecticide producing Bt and Roundup Ready corn.

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In addition, sequences known to be present in Roundup Ready soy (which is engineered so that it can be doused in Monsanto’s herbicide of the same name) were present as well.

A full, updated list of potentially harmful and potentially GMO ingredients in cereal can be found here


Kellogg’s Froot Loops’ corn was found to be 100% GMO according to one sample by GMO Free USA.


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Why This Particular Type of GMO Corn is So Harmful  

As noted by GMO Free USA, the amount of GMO corn in Froot Loops is particularly troublesome because of the unnatural and potentially toxic nature of it. 

As GMO Free USA noted:

The corn in Froot Loops produces insecticides from inside every cell of the plant that can’t be washed off and is regulated by the EPA. The FDA, EPA, and USDA allowed the insecticidal GMO corn discovered in Froot Loops to be commercialized without ever conducting human safety tests.

[Read a list of studies showing the health dangers of the insecticide here]

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Glyphosate Also Discovered in Kashi GoLean 

GMO Free USA also tested a box of Kashi GoLean for glyphosate. The organization found the weedkiller at six times the levels of what was found in Froot Loops. Full test results can be found here.

The active ingredient in Roundup, the Monsanto product sprayed liberally by famers of GMO crops, was also tested in Froot Loops and found at a level of .12 ppm, or .12 mg/kg according to GMO Free USA’s tests.

Glyphosate exposure has been linked to gut health problems, endocrine disruption, cancer and much more as GMO Free USA noted along with its list of study links.

Considering that children eat more food per pound of body weight than adults and that U.S. “safe” levels are far higher than in Europe (nearly 6 times higher to be exact), GMO Free USA is sounding the alarm and hoping that more parents will choose organic food for their kids rather than potentially harmful cereals like Froot Loops.

We are deeply concerned about the health risks of genetically engineered foods and the associated insecticides and herbicides, especially their effect on the bodies of growing children. Children eat more food per pound of body weight than the average adult. As a result, pound for pound, they have substantially heavier exposures than adults to any toxins that are present in food, water or air. Children are undergoing rapid growth and development and their delicate developmental processes are easily disrupted. We must keep them safe,” said Alexandra Zissu, Editorial Director of Healthy Child Healthy World, which GMO Free USA concurred with, saying the test results give “significant reason for concern.” 

For more information see the full report links above or check out GMO Free USA on Facebook by clicking here. You can also donate to help their food testing program by clicking on this link

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