The Unique Health Benefits of Modified Citrus Pectin for Absorption and Toxic Particle Detoxification

Modified citrus pectin benefits.


Over the course of my twelve-plus years as a natural and holistic health journalist, I have had the privilege of working with several different supplement companies working hard behind the scenes to create some of the most effective and exciting products in recent human history.

One company that left an indelible mark on me, personally, is EcoNugenics, a doctor-founded and guided company based in Santa Rosa, California.

EcoNugenics was founded by Dr. Isaac Eliaz in 1995. Elias, an integrative medicine expert and researcher, has also served as a clinical practitioner, natural supplement formulator, and author.

I worked for EcoNugenics in the social media department for several months creating content based on the benefits of their products and the ingredients contained within their products.

Of the products I had the privilege of learning about, Modified Citrus Pectin, is one that the EcoNugenics team is most proud about. Derived from the soluble fiber (pectin), peels, seeds, and pulp of citrus fruit, it comes with a unique list of potential health benefits.


How Modified Citrus Pectin is Made 

Modified citrus pectin typically comes in capsule or powder form. It is created through an extraction process that extracts key nutrients and detoxification agents like those mentioned above and breaks them down into small constituents.

This smaller citrus pectin based, finished product is more easily absorbed through the human gut allowing it to reach places in the human body that regular citrus based nutrients can’t reach.

Potential benefits of Modified Citrus Pectin include the following: 

-Serves as a bulwark against the potentially harmful effects of alcohol

Alcohol has both positive and negative health benefits depending on the type and quality of the drink as well as the characteristics of the person who drinks it. MCP may form a protective film in the gastrointestinal tract to prevent certain harmful compounds of alcohol from reaching it.


MCP may prevent the spread of cancerous cells from melanoma, prostate and breast cancers to organs. Metastatic breast cancer is one of the most overlooked and potentially deadly according to Laurie Becklund, a former news columnist who wrote a powerful essay about the disease before her passing.

I personally have learned of testimonies of people who have used Modified Citrus Pectin often as a complementary therapy for cancer and chemotherapy. The small particle size of Modified Citrus Pectin helps to detoxify the body from radiation, safely removing radioactive particles from the body (I purchased it for my grandmother during her cancer treatment for this purpose, consult a doctor before trying).

Learn more or try Modified Citrus Pectin here, or click on the picture below

The product has been branded as ‘PectaSol’ by the Santa Rosa, Calif. based supplement company.

Modified Citrus Pectin from PectaSol.



MCP helps to chelate toxins from the body. Much like apple fiber pectin and traditional citrus fiber based pectin, it helps bind to and remove potentially toxic, excess metals from the body including arsenic, lead and cadmium (source).


Try my new favorite Chelation supplement, Chelorex, by clicking on this link.

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Backed by countless users and extensive clinical studies.

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Watch a video on Modified Citrus Pectin below, from the One Agora Integrative & Aesthetic Clinic based in Bloomington, Minnesota:

Antioxidant properties

The citrus in Modified Citrus Pectin can help to bestow antioxidant properties to the body which help fight disease causing free radicals. Parts of the citrus fruit many people don’t eat are contained within the MCP supplement.

Other things to know about Modified Citrus Pectin

Modified Citrus Pectin may interfere with the effects of certain cancer treatments. I personally have heard stories of people who used it to remove radiation from chemotherapy which MCP has an excellent reputation for because of its small particle size and ability to detoxify the tiny, radioactive particles that may remain in the body from chemotherapy treatments and chemotherapy drugs.

Consult a licensed doctor before using MCP, especially in concert with other treatments.


MCP can also be incredibly useful for day-to-day detoxification of environmental pollutants, chemicals and toxins, of which there are many out there in the environment especially in today’s day and age.

MCP may stimulate the immune system and it could cause changes in a person’s cholesterol levels, underscoring the importance of consulting a doctor before using it. It may have positive effects on cardiovascular health and aid in liver fibrosis, a process that causes the liver to repair itself and creates scars on the surface of the liver which could be helpful or dangerous depending on the state of those who experience it and how the process plays out.

For more information on Modified Citrus Pectin, check out the EcoNugenics website, where MCP is sold, by clicking here.

A study was released on the National Institutes of Health’s website about the effectiveness of MCP for preventing metastatic breast cancer as well as its efficacy for improving health outcomes of chemotherapy/cancer patients, full info can be found by clicking on this link.

Thanks for reading as always! As mentioned earlier I previously bought Modified Citrus Pectin for my grandmother during her days with cancer prior to her passing a little less than one decade ago. Unfortunately she did not take the supplement but I eventually began taking it myself in order to experience its incredible and unique health benefits. You can purchase modified citrus pectin (MCP) at this link



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