The Health Benefits of the Chinese Herb Astragalus Include Extending the Lifespan of Your DNA



The best principles and healing herbs of Chinese medicine are often ignored in America, but the runaway success of the system has lead many health researchers to believe that it’s about past due time that we started paying attention.

There certainly are quite a lot of people in China, and they tend to live a lot longer than Americans despite many people being relegated to cramped and overly polluted areas within the country.

The Chinese do enjoy some other advantages such as a lack of genetically modified foods for the time being, and many of them still live in rural areas and follow traditional systems of food and medicine.

Regardless, Chinese medicine absolutely works, and astragalus is one of the all-stars of Chinese medicine. If we had to pick an American equivalent, well, it might be antibiotics. Not in terms of how they work in the body but simply in terms of how often each item is used in this case.

Astragalus is used often because it works, and it does so quite well for some common ailments. Chinese medicine is a much more complex system than we all realize in terms of combining various forms of herbs as medicine, but astragalus will almost certainly aid your immune system, bring a “warming energy” to your crucial internal organs, protect against colds and viral infections, and to act as an overall body tonic that will help against all forms of stress while giving you more energy.



Although I have taken astragalus for a while and always keep it in my herbal medicine cabinet, I was actually blown away by something while conducting research recently.

The Chinese herb astralagus is excellent for DNA repair.

The Chinese herb astralagus is excellent for DNA repair.

Astragalus is capable of preventing the shortening of our telomeres, which actually extend the lifespan of your DNA according to a 2008 UCLA study that also found it may be effective in supporting the immune system against HIV. 

Telomeres are shortened throughout our lives due to the stress-related aging process, which essentially gives your cells a shorter lifespan. The shortening of these telomeres has been linked to all sorts of diseases, mainly the big ones like heart disease and diabetes among many others.

The bad news is that the shortening of telomeres is a natural process and one that we haven’t quite figured out how to stop completely just yet.

The good news is that you can definitely delay the process by using herbs like astragalus, a powerhouse of good health that is especially effective for supporting overall health and well-being.

Astragalus can be purchased in capsules or in powder form. While it is best to take under the care of a dedicated Chinese herbal practitioner and with a doctor’s permission, many people have gotten excellent results by experimenting with the herb.



I like to try out different herbs like astragalus in three-four week trials or so, “cycling” them out as I see fit, such as with maca root, which can create a dependency in the body.

Astragalus is one of the more commonly and safely used herbs in the world, however, and is useful for people of all ages.

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