You’ve Heard of Individual People Suing McDonald’s Before. Now, a Whole Country is Doing It


According to recent reports, Russia’s consumer protection agency is filing a claim accusing the McDonald’s fast food restaurant chain of being in violation of nutritional and safety codes, and now, some of the U.S. chain’s most popular foods could end up being banned.

While McDonald’s has run afoul of consumers in the past in various individual and class-action lawsuits, this time around, its practices have garnered the attention of Russian officials over product quality and safety.

“We have identified violations which put the product quality and safety of the entire McDonald’s chain in doubt,” said Anna Popova, the head of Russia’s Rospotrebnadzor consumer protection agency according to the Interfax news agency.

The New York Times reported that the lawsuit could temporarily ban the production and sale of McDonald’s ice cream, milkshakes, cheeseburgers, Filet-O-Fish and chicken sandwiches.

There is speculation that the lawsuit could be politically driven by Russia’s tendency to ban foods for political reasons. For instance, Russian lawmakers have called for McDonald’s to be banned in the past after the company closed three restaurants in March in Crimea, after it was annexed to Russia.

Russia is also strongly in favor of natural and traditional foods, having banned GMOs recently at the urging of its scientific community.


Fate of Russian McDonald’s to Be Decided Soon 

McDonald’s has said that its food policy is based on methods approved by the Food Institute of the Russian Federation, and is prepared to defend itself in court.

An August 13 hearing has been scheduled according to the Times report, as the chain stands accused of deceiving customers about the nutritional value of its milkshakes, burgers and ice creams.

Accusations of coliform bacteria contamination in the company’s food, which could lead to food poisoning, have also been mentioned.

In this case, all of the 400+ McDonald’s restaurants in Russia create their products inside the country, so GMOs are unlikely to be present, however, Russian regulators clearly continue to have “beef” with McDonald’s for myriad other reasons.

For more info on the controversy of McDonald’s in Russia (including the crazy scene when the first restaurant opened in 1990), you can click on the video below.

Note: Video posted from the YouTube channel ‘Newsy.’


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