Man Developing New “Organic Ready” Corn for Stopping GMO Contamination


The contamination of organic crops by genetically modified crops is a huge, huge problem that the mainstream media has been virtually silent on.

You’d think that one of the biggest looming changes to nature itself would be worth covering, but the American public has been mostly kept in the dark about this immense threat to our health, and to the livelihoods of organic farmers as well (check out this article to see just how much they suffer).

Due to pollination from bees and the blowing of the wind, crops can become contaminated from dozens of miles away, putting organic exports and crops at risk in America especially.

Organic corn is easily contaminated by GMO crops.

Organic corn is easily contaminated by GMO crops.



Farmers do everything they can to prevent this, but oftentimes it’s just not possible. As the threat continues to grow from new GMOs and their widespread adoption with the support of the U.S. government and former Monsanto executives in high places, more people have begun to look for solutions.

In the case of Frank Kutka, his plan involves a change to organic corn that could save it from the GMO contamination that threatens to cause a fundamental, and especially damaging, change.

Organic Ready” Corn Emerging

According to this article from the website Organic Connections Magazine, Kutka has been working for nearly 15 years on his new project, which he calls “Organic Ready” corn, a play on Roundup Ready from the GMO giant Monsanto.

Roundup Ready crops have been lab-spliced in order to allow massive “spray it and forget it” applications of the toxic Roundup weedkiller, but Kutka’s project has a much more beneficial use for fans of truly natural food.

“We need corn that organic farmers can grow without fear of GMO contamination,” Kutka told Organic Connections.

With the goal of preventing cross contamination from GMO corn, which now makes up about 90% of the U.S. crop, Kutka has been breeding the “Organic Ready” variety for four years now as part of a five year project by the Organic Farming Research Foundation.

Kutka has been focusing on naturally occurring traits in popcorns and also the ancient grain teosinte that prevent genetically modified pollen from entering corn silks. This trait is well known according to the article and is called ‘gametophytic incompatibility.’

He’s hoping to release the new variety of open pollinated “Organic Ready” corn in 2015, the article said, which could be especially welcome considering the USDA does nothing to protect organic farmers from contamination and/or lawsuits and does not compensate them for the high expenses incurred in order to protect from it.


Kutka is doing it all part-time, but still making great progress. With America’s corn under constant threat from GMO contamination, the hope is that it will be “ready” soon, and that more support can be found for this and other projects of great importance to the future of our food.

Find out more about Kutka’s project by checking out the Organic Connections article here.

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