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“Miracle Fruit” Said to Be Ten Thousand Times Stronger Than Chemo— Here’s What Those “Fact Checkers” Are NOT Telling You

In today’s social media-dominated world, one well-placed health graphic can practically start a revolution. One of the most popular graphics that has made the rounds over the years praises the health benefits of Graviola, the super fruit/herb/tree from the Amazon Rainforest, and its “powerful effects at stopping cancer.” As the [...]
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Rarely Used Holistic Device Causes “PHENOMENAL” Pain Reduction in Chemo Patients, NASA Study Finds

  Chemotherapy patients oftentimes suffer a tremendous amount from the procedure, which can lead to difficult side effects including oral mucositis, an extrordinarily painful and common side effect of chemotherapy and radiation. But one relatively new treatment may hold a world of promise for chemotherapy patients — red light therapy, [...]
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