Beatles Icon Paul McCartney Paul McCartney Sets the Record Straight on GMO Labeling!



Former Beatles singer and musician extraordinaire Paul McCartney is globally known not just for his music but also for his work in animal rights.

But what many people do not know is that he has long been active in the GMO Free movement as well, recently counting himself among one of the many celebrities who believe we should at least have the right to know what we’re eating,

McCartney was quoted by the Right to Know Oregon campaign as being a supporter of labeling, through the following quote: “Back in Europe we have that choice. Our food is labeled and it hasn’t increased any costs to the consumer or the farmer.”

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for GMO Free projects Sir Paul has been involved in, including one that hit close to home in regards to his wife’s line of vegetarian meals.

Paul McCartney has taken many stands against GMOs and for the right to know.

Paul McCartney has taken many stands against GMOs and for the right to know. PHOTO: Alpha/Globe Photos Inc.

Going GMO Free in Linda’s Memory

Paul McCartney’s wife Linda shared a similar passion for animal rights, which culminated in her own line of vegetarian meals in the UK.

But a BBC report in 1999 revealed that they contained a trace of GMO soy contamination, which led to a major change in how the meals were produced.

Instead of ignoring the problem and customer questions like one American tortilla chip company recently has, McCartney sprung into action in order to protect his wife’s good name.

He spent £3 million to ensure that her food was GMO-free, switching from soy to wheat ingredients just to be safe, cleaning equipment and even adding a stamp proclaiming ‘Say No to GMO’ to every meal package, as this archived BBC article notes.



Sir Paul Continues the Fight

McCartney also supported the 2002 Measure 27 in Oregon that would have mandated GMO labeling, before lending his support to the 2014 campaign.

While GMO labeling (and independent testing of GMOs) have both proven to be elusive for Americans so far, McCartney’s unwavering commitment to the movement is definitely something to be commended and another reminder that we’re far from alone in the fight for food integrity and the unwavering voices of our movement are not falling on deaf ears.



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