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“The results are breathtaking” – Professor of Medicine Healed Her Incurable Disease with THIS Diet (Backed by Scientific Studies)

Dr. Terry Wahls had to put her own medical knowledge and education to the test when she developed relapsing remitting multiple sclerosis, or MS. The disease advanced rapidly, and three years later she was diagnosed with secondary progressive MS. For seven years after her initial diagnosis she went to the [...]
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“We Have Mushrooms Growing Just on Cancer” – Professor Discovers Radical Way That Mushrooms Break Down and Destroy Cancer Cells

  Cancer research has tried many unusual ways of treating the dreaded disease, from scorpion venom and bee stings to mistletoe extract.  But what this professor has discovered might become the strangest cancer discovery of the decade. Researcher, and the head of Oral Robert University’s Cancer Lab, Dr. William Ranahan [...]
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Brazilian Doctors Put This Type of “Unhealthy” Fish On Their Patients’ Skin – What Happened Next Will Shock You!

Fisherman Antônio dos Santos received serious burns on his arm after a gas explosion on his boat. Josué Bezerra Jr. suffered burns while working as an electrical supervisor. Maria Ines Candido da Silva was injured by a gas cooker explosion. The treatment that the doctors offered these patients was unconventional. [...]
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