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“The Worst Feeling I Have Ever Felt:” Expectant Mother Takes to Social Media, Shares Startling Images of What An Energy Drink Addiction Did to Her Husband

Everybody knows by now that energy drinks are not the healthiest options for beverages. Besides unnaturally high amounts of caffeine, Red Bull, Monster, and other popular drinks contain high levels of sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and artificial sweeteners, as well as too much of the amino acid taurine, along [...]
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America’s Biggest Monsanto-Led Charity Teams Up With Kroger to Push Flu Shots on Unsuspecting Customers

The flu shot has become America’s latest blockbuster deal as CVS, Target, Kroger and other supermarkets have begun creatively advertising the new vaccine each year. The deals are questionable enough in their own right considering the potentially serious side effects and toxins associated with each shot, but a recent charity [...]
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Man Kills Wife in an Alleged Psychosis, Induced by a COMMON Over-the-Counter Medication. Studies Point to Some Possible Answers…

At first glance, Matthew and Lauren Phelps’s story sounds like a straightforward, tragic homicide. Husband kills his wife, calls the cops, and pretends to be clueless about how the murder took place by finding an excuse. In Matthew’s case, the excuse is – although not completely unknown – not very [...]
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