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Corporate Ignorance Poisons Michigan Drinking Water 50 Years after Dumping A Carcinogen into the Soil. No One Will Be Held Accountable…

  Clean water is one of the main necessities of life, but many big corporations as well as some local governments have been disregarding any long-term health consequences in the name of money. The recent Flint water crisis that poisoned up to 12,000 children with lead opened people’s eyes about [...]
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Iowa Farmer Reveals What Happened to His Pigs after Being Fed GMO Corn (The Results Are NOT Pretty To Say The Least)

Jerry Rosman, a corn and livestock farmer in Iowa since 1974, has long been a follower of the newest “technologies” in farming. He once placed his faith into “scientific innovations,” and besides personal use, he spent many decades selling and promoting these products. But then, something unexpected happened that changed [...]
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You Are Eating Fermented Mold — Popular Vegetarian Meat Company Settles False Advertising Lawsuit; Product Linked to Serious Health Risks

For vegetarians (especially new ones), it is often a challenge to find convenient, meat-free products to serve as a main course, which makes it especially disappointing when big corporations end up bending the truth about the ingredients that make up their favorite products. Many people turn to the convenience of [...]
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