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“My Life Has Been Shattered” — A Generic Acne Drug Causes Debilitating Bowel Disease Leading to Teen’s Death, Maker Not Held Responsible

    Like many pre-teens, 12-year-old Camille Baruch of Maryland had just one major thing to worry about — acne. When her doctor prescribed a pharmaceutical called Isotretinoin to treat it, Baruch and her parents and could not have imagined that the drug would cause her to develop ulcerative colitis, a severe [...]
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“That was the last time I saw my love alive” — mother lost 4-month-old after 16 vaccinations in 3 visits

  Ja’Liyah Cortize Turner was born a healthy baby on November 29, 2013. As with most newborns, the doctors immediately started her on a comprehensive vaccination schedule, and she received her first vaccine, Hep B, soon after birth. After that, the official schedule dictates that the babies receive multiple shots at two [...]
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