Blast Fake Ingredients With a Giant Burrito in Chipotle’s New Space Invaders Style Video Game

taste inva

Chipotle’s new game, Taste Invaders.



Chipotle Mexican Grill made waves when it announced it had removed its GMO ingredients, and a few enemies for that matter (virtually the entire mainstream media, which rushed to attack the company to appease its main sponsors, the fake food industry). The company’s commitment to “food with integrity” also includes eschewing unnatural ingredients like MSG, preservatives, and other chemicals found in mainstream chian restaurants.

Since then, they’ve continued their pioneering stance as the only major restaurant chain to speak out against GMOs and commit to not using them. Chipotle has even gotten creative in their quest to promote “food with integrity,” releasing the famous “Scarecrow” Super Bowl commercial about local and natural food, and also hosting the Chipotle Cultivate Music Festival.

The company continued that trend with the release of a free new online game that allows players to blast away at artificial ingredients in a Space Invaders-themed world.


Chipotle's new Taste Invaders video game.

Get behind the controls of a giant burrito and blast away artificial food additives in Chipotle’s new Space Invaders-style game.



“Like Space Invaders With a Giant Burrito”

Playing as a giant burrito in space (you can’t make this stuff up), players in Chipotle’s new Taste Invaders video game take aim at several different types of artificial food ingredients, the likes of which are not found in the company’s signature burritos and other items.

You’ll get the chance to dodge falling projectiles while shooting at chemical-filled beakers, strange molecules, pizzas, burgers, and subs, and even a periodic table-style “Dg” symbol, which stands for disodium guanylate, a component of the monosdium glutamate (MSG) used in unhealthy food products.


taste invades

A list of food and food ingredient enemies in Chipotle’s new game.


So, what’s at stake in Chipotle’s new game?

If you win, you’ll save the world from “Taste Invaders” used in foods from the unnamed fast food chains that Chipotle has been battling for market share.

If you lose, you’ll have to endure the heartbreak of losing your delicious space burrito, along with messages of shame like “You were guanylated.” or “You just silicon diox-died.”

If this sounds like a fun way to kill a few minutes at work (or you’re one of those people who obsess over high scores and the like) you can check it out by clicking on this link or any of the pictures in this article.

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