Former U.S. Senator Went on to Start a Lobbying Firm, Got Hired by Monsanto and Raked In Millions


One of the biggest complaints most people have with the Monsanto Company is the vast influence they hold on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

Decision makers in top positions with undeniable Monsanto ties include Michael Taylor, the FDA Deputy Commissioner for Foods who is a former Monsanto VP for Public Policy (editor’s note: Taylor finally stepped down earlier this year) and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, a former longtime Monsanto attorney, among many others.

Many are aware of prominent figures like these, but few have a clear picture of how Monsanto also gains an upper hand through close relationships with our elected leaders. 

Take for example one former U.S. Senator who wasn’t able to earn a third term in 2010 and has since gone on to start her own lobbying firm that made millions working with Monsanto and other mega corporations like Wal-Mart.

A Revolving Door Special?

In 2012, former Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln’s new firm Lincoln Policy Group made about $13.7 million according to, following her exit from her government post.

Among her clients was Monsanto, along with Comcast and the Valero Oil company.

Her mission? Sharing her expertise in the lawmaking arena to help these and other companies get an edge on Capitol Hill. From the LPG’s website:

“The government impacts the bottom line for every business. We help bring our clients’ industry knowledge to the policy making arena in order to amplify legislative outcomes and reflect…”



Lincoln’s career path is an important illustration of how close ties between lawmakers and corporations have become a huge problem in the eyes of millions of disenfranchised American voters. 

Check out the videos below for more on how this story originally went down and for one Internet news show’s take on former Sen. Lincoln.

“It’s sickening…This is the worst of American government,” the host David Pakman says, later adding he “(doesn’t) really blame Blanche Lincoln personally.”

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Here’s another video about Blanche Lincoln and her ties to Monsanto and Wal-Mart.

A petition to stop “cashing in” by lobbying for unethical corporations is still circulating and has over 150,000 signatures but still needs to hit the 200,000 mark. View it here.



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