Fox News Reporters FIRED After Exposing Monsanto Milk Link to Cancer in Blockbuster Investigation (with Video)


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Editor’s note: This article and video are in reference to a 1997 four-part investigative series on one of Monsanto’s most controversial products, which never aired. The story remains an important lesson in media censorship and how Monsanto wields its high-powered legal division in order to silence the full truth from ever reaching a wide audience. 

One of the most puzzling aspects of the GMO experiment in the United States is what’s going on in other nations in comparison to here.

For example, over 30 countries worldwide currently institute some sort of ban on GMO crops, and both Europe and Canada also have banned the bovine growth hormone drug rBGH, which has been the source of great controversy behind the scenes in the United States.

All that controversy reached a breaking point at one local news station in Florida, where two investigative reporters sought out to find the truth about one of Monsanto’s most highly profitable, and highly controversial, products.

The reporters, Steven Wilson and Jane Akre, went to great lengths in order to expose links to cancer and these Monsanto products, crafting a hard-hitting story that could have saved the health of millions of Americans.

But instead of being rewarded for their courage and due diligence, they were subjected to the ultimate betrayal, losing their jobs over what could have been the most ground-breaking health story in decades.


Investigative Reporters Fired After Exposing Monsanto’s rBGH

If you’ve ever read the labels on “conventional” milk jugs, you’ve probably noticed the omnipresent label stating that “no significant difference has been shown between milk derived from rbST-treated and non-rbST-treated cows.”

But according to research from two well known investigative reporters mentioned in the above paragraph, Akre and Wilson, those labels are patently false, as much evidence has shown that milk cows treated with the infamous rbGH hormone (rbST is another acronym for it) has been linked to an increased cancer risk.

In the video below, seen by millions of people worldwide, the reporters tell the harrowing tale of how they were gagged, intimidated, threatened, and later fired by the TV station after their reports raised a host of troubling questions that Monsanto was not prepared to answer.

The concerns are similar to what Health Canada noticed just before banning the hormones.

“Monsanto’s engineered growth hormone did not comply with safety requirements, it could be absorbed by the body and therefore did have implications for human health,” one Canadian reporter can be heard saying in the video below.

Monsanto did not go down without a fight in Canada, but thanks to the courage of elected officials like Dr. Shiv Chopra, they were not allowed to infiltrate the dairy industry with their products the way they were in the United States.


Monsanto Milk and GMO Hormones are Still Widespread in U.S. Milk Supply

While much progress has been made, millions of cows are still given Monsanto’s GMO growth hormone each year in order to increase their production.

But what is the toll being exacted on our health, not to mention the health of those cows?

We may never know the full extent of it, because of how widespread the use of these drugs really are (not to mention how profitable they are for Monsanto).

For now, the best thing to do is educate ourselves as much as possible, so that we know exactly what to do the next time we pick up that carton of milk that says “no significant difference has been shown,” a clear lie according to research from Akre and Wilson.

Learn more about their infamous firing and Monsanto-cancer link study in the video below, and feel free to share with anyone you know who still believes “conventional” milk is 100% safe:

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