Product Review: Mushroom Gummies With a Delicious Taste and Benefits for Cardiovascular Health

cordyceps gummies


Mushrooms have become closer to the mainstream in recent years thanks in large part to the holistic health movement.

Different mushrooms offer different benefits, and one of the most overlooked is cordyceps.

Cordyceps has perhaps the most interesting origins of any mushroom type, considering that it is actually created from the corpse of a dead caterpillar.

The cordyceps mushroom parasitizes the larvae of ghost moths, growing into the increasingly popular, healthy mushroom.

Now, it’s being added to gummies, in the form of a delicious product made by a company that is making mushrooms more affordable and accessible than ever before.


Cordyceps Gummies: Delicious Flavor, Healthy Mushrooms

For the purposes of this review I was given a sample bottle of cordyceps mushroom gummies from the company Fungies.

These gummies have a score of four and a half stars on 27 reviews on, and it’s easy to see why.

Pros of Fungies Cordyceps Gummies

-Incredible Mango taste (even better than the company’s Lion’s Mane gummies which I reviewed here)

-Includes 50 mg of Cordyceps

-May help improve endurance, energy and performance, including athletic performance

-Includes sixty gummies for less than 20 bucks

-Are Non-GMO

-Includes Pectin, an ingredient found in apples that helps to remove toxins from the body

Cons of Fungies Cordyceps Gummies

-Contain three grams of sugar per gummies (I usually don’t eat these unless I’ve been active or am planning to be active because I don’t want the sugar to turn to fat in my body)

-Are not organic

Final Impressions of Cordyceps Gummies From Fungies 


Overall, I really enjoy these gummies and definitely feel the benefits of cordyceps from taking them.

Cordyceps is renowned for its ability to increase cardiovascular health and endurance. It’s excellent for lung health, in contrast to most other medicinal mushrooms that offer benefits more for the brain than other parts of the body.

I have been taking these before yoga classes and they have helped my endurance tremendously, to the point where I have performed as well as I can remember myself doing in recent weeks.

I do wish that the company would consider adding sugar-free versions of their gummies sweetened with monk fruit or similar healthy sweeteners.

That being said, these gummies are an affordable and delicious way to get the benefits of cordyceps mushroom into your daily life.

For more information, check out the Fungies website by clicking on this link.

The product is also available on for less than 20 bucks by clicking here.

Special thanks to Fungies for allowing me to try these delicious Gummies!

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