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Should Great Britain Start Growing GMOs? With Time Ticking Away, Oscar-Winning Actors, 57 Million People Weigh In

Genetically modified organisms in our food crops have taken over the American countryside in large part due to government collusion with Monsanto and a lack of transparency, but the crops are far less common in Europe, including Great Britain. Despite widespread public opposition to GMOs overseas, Monsanto and other multinationals [...]
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One of the 20th Century’s ‘Most Influential People,’ Former Presidential Candidate Speaks Out: “GMOs Have Not Yet Been Proven Safe”

Former presidential candidate, consumer advocate and ‘Time Magazine Man of the Year’ Ralph Nader recently came out in support of the growing movement for organic, healthy, and non-GMO food, writing in a June 21 editorial that the latest initiatives of the movement should be “celebrated.” “Across the country, consumers are [...]
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